Open Access Labs

There are five Open Access Labs (OALs) located across the campus that serve as physical learning destinations for our students.  These labs provide Cal State L.A. students with up-to-date computing resources and tools to accomplish their academic goal for instruction, research and presentation.

The OALs are open to students in all disciplines for University-related work, provided the student has a current One Card ID and a myCSULA Identity account.  Though all of the OALs provide identical services to the campus community, they each offer slightly different equipment, hardware and software depending on the various educational needs in each geographical area.

It is our goal to provide an environment for students to coordinate the use of technology and educational tools in order to learn and perfect technology skills, and excel at creating professional student presentations and projects. Our Smart Rooms, Study Rooms and Lounge Areas are accessible for students just for that particular purpose.

Open Access Lab (OAL)

Annex Link is now open 24/7! 

The Annex Link, located in Simpson Tower E191, is the campus 24/7 Open Access Lab.  Students can meet-up with their study groups to work on projects in the smart room or group study room, use computers, and access printing and copier services at any time, day or night.  In addition, Macs and PCs with updated software provide students with the necessary resources to achieve their academic goals.  Visit the 24/7 Annex Link webpage to learn more about the lab hours during quarter breaks and University holidays, additonal IT support services, and parking:

Annex Link now open 24/7

Get Charged!

Is your electronic device battery low?  No worries!  Go to your nearest Open Access Lab where a Kwikboost charging station is now available, equipped with Micro USB, Mini USB cables, iPad and iPhone (8-pin) USB chargers.

Kwikboost Charging Station