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Welcome back students and faculty!

It’s time to reconnect – with each other and our new Gigabit Wi-Fi network.

While you celebrated summer, ITS was busy upgrading the campus Wi-Fi to gigabit speeds and installing new access points to improve coverage and capacity.  If you own newer mobile devices, like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note Pro, you will immediately experience the gigabit speeds.  Older devices will experience data transfer speeds up to three times faster.

But you must reconnect your mobile devices using these simple steps.

When you open your device to select a Wi-Fi network, you will see CSULA- SECURE (for students, faculty and staff) and CSULA-OPEN (for first-time student/faculty/staff authentication and all guests).  CSLA-ENCRYPTED and CSLA-UNENCRYPTED are no longer available, except in Housing Services.

  1. First-time log-in.  Students, faculty and staff will log in the first time by clicking on CSULA-OPEN.  Open your browser, if it doesn’t open automatically, and follow the instructions.  For students, this will provide an authentication certificate validating our servers and provide a QuickConnect setting on your device for future authentication.  For faculty and staff, this process will register your device and provide a unique certificate on your device.  To ensure your certificate is activated, turn your device off, then on.  Remember, each separate device must go through this process.
  2. Subsequent log-ins.
    • Faculty and staff will automatically be connected to CSULA-SECURE.
    • Students will select CSULA-SECURE and sign-in with their myCSULA Identity user name and password.

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