Please use the appropriate form below to request CETL assistance. We will process your request in a timely manner once it is received. Make sure to submit a completed request to avoid any delays.

Moodle Forms

Moodle Metacourse
A Metacourse will combine course rosters into a single Moodle course. This form should be used if you need to combine cross listed courses or multiple sections of the same course.

Request a Moodle Metacourse

Moodle Special Shell
A Moodle Shell can be requested by University staff and faculty. Requested shells can be used for Advisement, University Programs, exploring Moodle, building course shells for future courses, or other non-academic University projects.

Request a Moodle Special Shell

Moodle Backup and Restore Assistance
If you have an existing shell and want assistance with moving the shell between different years you can fill out the following form. You can also use this form to request previously enrolled students restored in the new Moodle version.

Request Backup and Restore Assistance

Respondus Quiz
Respondus now connects with Moodle, if you cannot run the software (Windows only) and require a quiz to be uploaded to your Moodle course, please download and use one of the templates to correctly format your quiz file:

Once your quiz file has been formatted properly, submit the form below to be uploaded to Moodle.

Request Moodle Quiz

Technology Forms

Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that lets faculty members hold webinars, online office hours, or record "lecture" sessions to share with students.

Request an Adobe Connect Meeting

Turnitin (non-Moodle)
Turnitin is an online plagiarism-detection resource for educators and students concerned with developing quality writing and research skills. Turnitin provides two other online services; online text and audio feedback on any assignment file types, and Peer Review.

Request Turnitin Account

Respondus (Non-Moodle use)
The California State University System has obtained a consortium license for the Respondus software, which enables CSULA faculty to download and use the software for free at home and on-campus. The software can be used as a quiz builder to print a number of quiz variations.

Request Respondus Software

* Respondus is a PC only software application


CETL Equipment Request
CETL has equipment that can be made available for faculty use. A completed sign equipment form will need to be downloaded and returned to CETL before any equipment can be released. Please take note to read the liability agreement at the bottom of the form.

Equipment Checkout Form

i>Clicker Checkout Request
In order to checkout i>clickers you need to have taken CETL'sĀ Peer Instruction with Clickers Workshop. If you have not attended this workshop please register for a workshop using our calendar. Please also visit our REEF/iClicker site. Student remotes are not guaranteed as we have a limited amount available.

i>Clicker Checkout Form