Please use the appropriate form below to request CETL assistance. We will process your request in a timely manner once it is received. Make sure to submit a completed request to avoid any delays.

Moodle/Canvas Forms

Moodle/Canvas Cross List
A cross-listed course will combine course rosters into a single course shell. This form should be used if you need to combine official University cross-listed courses into a single course shell.  Please note, due to FERPA regulations, courses that are not officially cross-listed and do not meet in the same class period and room location CANNOT be combined into a metacourse.  Doing so is a violation of student privacy. 

Request a Moodle/Canvas Cross List

Moodle/Canvas Special Shell
A Special Shell can be requested by University staff and faculty. Requested shells can be used for Advisement, University Programs, building course shells for future courses, or other non-academic University projects.

Request a Moodle/Canvas Special Shell

Canvas Template Course
If you have successfully completed the three core workshops of the TECH Certificate program, you can request a copy of CETL's Canvas Course Template. You can use the template, which includes several activity and assignment templates, to help create your hybrid or online courses.

Request a Canvas Template Course

Moodle/Canvas Backup and Restore Assistance
If you have an existing shell and need assistance with moving the shell between different years/LMS you can fill out the following form. Beginning with Moodle version 3.2, Moodle administrators can no longer include user data in the Backup and Restore process.   We can assist with backing up your course and restoring it in the new version of Moodle, but enrolled users will not be moved in this process.  This form is required for any course above 100 MB. 

Request Backup and Restore Assistance

Respondus Quiz

Important Note Regarding Respondus Service

Beginning Fall 2017 semester, Cal State LA will be upgrading to Moodle version 3.2.  With this upgrade, faculty will be able to import quiz and exam questions directly into Moodle using a new import process.  This new option avoids the inconvenient 3-day delay for quiz requests that use Respondus. Therefore, starting Fall 2017 semester, CETL will no longer process Respondus Quiz requests. 

All faculty can continue to utilize the Respondus software to import their questions directly into Moodle and Canvas quizzes.  Respondus software is available on the PC only.  If you are a Mac user, you are welcome to come into the CETL Lab or Co-Lab space (FA 138) and utlize the Respondus software on our PCs, or you can access Respondus through the Parallels MyTools client. For instructions on how to use MyTools, please visit the ITS page on MyTools Support.  All faculty can also import multiple choice and T/F questions directly into Moodle utilizing Aiken formatting.  Importing using Aiken formatting can be done without any special software, and is available for all PC and Mac users. 

For more information on the importing options for creating quizzes and exams in Moodle, please visit the Educational Technology Support page for Online Quizzes and Exams. We have stopped providing workshops on Moodle quizzes and exams, though we'll continue to provide support in the CETL Lab (FA 138), and through phone or email. To learn more about creating quizzes in Canvas, please attend our new workshop entitled, "Online Quizzes and Exams in Canvas" which will cover creating online quizzes in Canvas, and how to import questions using Respondus. 

Please make preparations to learn the new, more streamlined process. Please review the New Options for Importing Questions and Creating Quizzes and Exams below for more information. 

New Options for Importing Questions and Creating Quizzes and Exams

The options listed below will help you quickly build quizzes and exams by directly importing questions to Moodle. 


Aiken Format
(Option 1)

Add Question
(Option 2)

Respondus Software

(Option 3)

I need to…

Create a quiz with multiple choice and T/F questions only.


Use Aiken format to import the multiple choice and T/F questions.



I need to...

Create a quiz with complex question types such as matching, fill in the blank, or calculated.



Use Add > New Question inside the Moodle Quiz to create complex question types.


I need to...

Create a quiz with multiple choice, T/F, and complex question types.


Use Aiken format to import the multiple choice and T/F questions.


Use Add > New Question inside the Moodle Quiz to create complex question types.


I need to...
Import a single large pool of questions into a Moodle Question bank once or twice per term.


Use Aiken format to import the multiple choice and T/F questions.




Instructor Use of Respondus Software

Instructors can continue to use the Respondus software to create and import questions directly to Moodle or Canvas. This software provides the most comprehensive solution, including meeting the needs of all the scenarios described above. Please note, the Respondus software requires a Windows PC. Schedule an appointment with CETL lab staff to review the Respondus software to see if this option is right for you. All PC computers in the CETL Co-Lab space (FA 138) run the Respondus software. If you are a Mac user, you will have to download the Parallels MyTools client to use Respondus. For instructions on how to use MyTools, please visit the ITS page on MyTools Support.

For more information on options for creaing quizzes and exams, please visit the Educational Technology Support page for Online Quizzes and Exams

Technology Forms

Adobe Connect (Phase Out Scheduled for May 1, 2017)

Zoom Web Conferencing will replace Adobe Connect on May 1, 2017. All Cal State LA users have access to Zoom (no forms to fill out). Please visit the Zoom Educational Technology Support page for more information or attend the Live with Your Students Online workshop. 

Turnitin (non-Moodle, non-Canvas)

Turnitin is an online plagiarism-detection resource for educators and students concerned with developing quality writing and research skills. Turnitin provides two other online services; online text and audio feedback on any assignment file types, and Peer Review.

Request Turnitin Account

The California State University System has obtained a consortium license for the Respondus software, which enables CSULA faculty to download and use the software for free at home and on-campus. The software can be used as a quiz builder to print a number of quiz variations.

Request Respondus Software

* Respondus is a PC only software application


CETL Equipment Request
CETL has equipment that can be made available for faculty use. A completed sign equipment form will need to be downloaded and returned to CETL before any equipment can be released. Please take note to read the liability agreement at the bottom of the form.

Equipment Checkout Form

i>Clicker Checkout Request
In order to checkout i>clickers you need to have taken CETL's Peer Instruction with Clickers Workshop. If you have not attended this workshop please register for a workshop using our calendar. Please also visit our REEF/iClicker site. Student remotes are not guaranteed as we have a limited amount available.

i>Clicker Checkout Form

Faculty Development Transcript Request

The Faculty Development Transcript lists programming attended by faculty members. Transcripts may be helpful for RTP or an instructor's file. 

Faculty Development Transcript Request Form