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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) assists faculty and staff in applying for Extramural funding, primarily, though not exclusively, from government agencies. The Office provides services at all stages of the proposal submission and pre-award process, including budget preparation; project conceptualization and development; assistance with writing, research and editing; connections with other academic institutions, government and community agencies, and businesses and industry; and proposal technical preparation and submission.

ORSP also provides post-award administration for all funded proposals, including award set-up, budget management, expense review and approval, billing and collection, cash management, financial reporting, audits & compliance, and project close-out activities and reporting.


University Auxiliary Services and ORSP Policies and Procedures

Required Project Reporting #902
Fiscal Close-Out Procedures for Sponsored Projects #903
Allowable Costs/Expenditures & Post Award Administration #904
Post-Award Activities #905
Cost Sharing & In-Kind Commitments #906
Subrecipient Monitoring #907
Effort Reporting Related to Grants and Contracts #908


University Policies and Procedures

Conflict of Interest
Cost-sharing Procedures
Faculty Handbook
One-up (next Level) Authorization and Approval Policy and Procedures


Forms and Templates

Agency Forms
Agency Proposal/Application Guidelines
Cal State L.A. Forms and Templates

Agency Proposal/Application Guidelines

Cal State L.A. Forms and Templates