Placement Services offers resources and tools to assist you in your search for an internship or career position.  Your success will depend on your willingness to utilize all the resources available to you before your last quarter of attendance.  Start Early!  Make an Appointment!

Salazar Hall Rm 256 | Phone (323) 343-2800

The following services are available:

  • Career-related workshops
  • Information sessions
  • Employer job listings
  • Career/Job Fair(s)
  • Eagle ijobs career platform
  • Career Panels
  • Professor for a Day
  • One-on-one appointments

The following workshops are also available to help you:

  • Resume Development
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Professional Attire
  • Business etiquette
  • Business communication

All workshops can be found on the university career platform, Eagle iJobs.  Please click here.

Invest some time in your future by researching the industries, jobs and companies that you'd like to see yourself working in or at. It can really make the difference! Click on the link for more information: Cal State LA Job Hunting and Career Searching

Finding Internships

Types of internships

Internships are the #1 recruitment tool used by many employers to source and evaluate full-time candidates. Internships offer a valuable two-way exploratory relationship between students and employers.  As an intern you gain functional industry experience, acquire and refine skills, and make meaningful connections. Through internships, employers have an opportunity to evaluate your performance and your potential as a future member of their team.

What qualifies as an internship?

Although the traditional internship is typically a full-time, summer-long experience, you are eligible to participate in non-traditional internships throughout the school year. These may include part-time or project-based opportunities. If you have any questions please contact the interim Placement Coordinator Erin Doolittle at

Paid Internships:

Internships may be posted on the same central database that is used for full-time opportunities. This site is the career platform, Eagle ijobs, which can be found here.

Internships for academic credit:

CBE students are eligible to complete an internship for academic credit provided they coordinate with the department chair of their academic concentration, to ensure that they register for an internship course that fits in with their particular department’s requirements and policy for elective classes.   These types of internships are available through cooperative education.   To learn more about cooperative education, click here.

Searching for internships and full-time jobs:

Eagle ijobs, the university career platform, offers access to a job board and online career services. You can find and apply for jobs and internships, sign-up for events and workshops, upload your resume, practice interviewing or schedule an on-campus interview.

If you are new to Eagle ijobs, you will need to register and complete a profile. Your profile information is important because employers often use that information in their search for candidates who meet certain job qualifications. When registering for the first time, you need to contact the Career Center for the initial password and instructions. We recommend you use your CSULA portal email address as your user name.  Contact information for the Career Development Center is at (323)-343-3237.

Students interested in internship opportunities should:

  • Attend a workshop and / or schedule an appointment with Erin Doolittle about the Placement Services program. Before scheduling an appointment, please be sure to:
    • Get your resume reviewed at the Career Development Center by a Career Counselor.
    • Review our Eagle iJobs and posts to get an understanding of our services.
    • Come prepared with questions written down to ask.
    • Bring a copy of any documents that you have questions about.
  • Subscribe to Eagle iJobs, the career platform for events, workshops, resources, tools, and job boards.
  • Subscribe to our social media links provided to learn more about opportunities.

It is your responsibility to get involved by applying for opportunities and to attend recruiting events sponsored by the college and career center.

International Students:

  • Internships: F-1 Curricular Practical Training

    • CPT: Curricular Practical Training is an off-campus work permit allowing an F-1 student to participate in a paid intern program.
    • Eligibility

      • Option 1: The training is required in order to obtain the degree. The curriculum must state that the internship is required in order for students to complete the degree program. *Exception for 9-consecutive-months-in-status eligibility

      • Option 2: The training is required for a particular course or curricular track, although it may not be required of all students in the degree program. The details of the student’s specific projects for that course must be discussed and supervised by the course’s instructor. Student must be registered in the class during the term the student is employed in the training program. The dates of the training program must coincide with the enrolled term. For full time employment, the student must be enrolled in the course for at least 3 units. The student must be receiving 2 units for part time employment.

  • Employment: F-1 Optional Practical Training

  • For more information on International Employment and Internship Processes Contact the International Office

Event Spotlights

CBE Placement Services Events

Placement Services has recently unveiled their “Job Hunting Crash Course” on June 30th and it went off without a hitch. This course taught students the tricks of the trade to stand out and utilize efficiency to attain a job position.

Job Hunting Crash Course Image 1

Job Hunting Crash Course Image 2

To find more events check out Eagle iJobs, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want a more one-on-one session current Business students could make an appointment with Erin Doolittle, the interim placement coordinator, and bring in your resume.

MGO Logo

The MGO Recruiting and Networking Session on July 16th, 2015 went off without a hitch.

MGO has an ongoing recruitment relationship with Cal State LA.

Did you know that CSULA is the top second recruiting school for MGO?

Recruitment is high for our accounting students.

If you missed this event, don’t worry—sign up to “Meet the Firms," and be on the lookout for details coming soon.

MGO Recruiting and Networking Session Image 1

MGO Recruiting and Networking Session Image 2

MGO and BDO, long time partners of the College of Business and Economics, are actively recruiting students for positions. The CBE’s alumni are working to help funnel in students for recruitment.

MGO Logo

BDO Logo


Every summer the College of Business and Economics team up with Boeing to offer a summer internship to CBE’s students. The Summer Quarter of 2015 was the biggest turnout so far—with 8 undergrad and graduate students getting internships with Boeing. The selected student’s majors ranged from an M.B.A. in Management, an M.S. in Accountancy, B.S. in Accounting, Finance/Law, Computer Information Systems, Human Resource Management, and Economics. For the duration of the Summer Quarter the interns will be working under designated mentors in different Boeing locations like Huntington Beach, Long Beach and El Segundo. For the next Summer Quarter CBE is looking to expand the number of internships offered to Business Students.

Boeing Logo