Placement Services offers resources and tools to assist you in your search for an internship or career position.  Your success will depend on your willingness to utilize all the resources available to you before your last quarter of attendance.  Start Early!  Make an Appointment!

Salazar Hall Rm 256 | Phone (323) 343-2800

The following services are available:

  • Career-related workshops
  • Information sessions
  • Employer job listings
  • Career/Job Fair(s)
  • Eagle ijobs career platform
  • Career Panels
  • Professor for a Day
  • One-on-one appointments

The following workshops are also available to help you:

  • Resume Development
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Professional Attire
  • Business etiquette
  • Business communication

All workshops can be found on the university career platform, Eagle iJobs.  Please click here.

Student Spotlight







  • Jeremy Mortley


  • HR Intern at NBC

Computer Information Systems / 2017 Graduation

As a recent transfer to CSULA from Pasadena City College, I am currently double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration with an option in Pre-legal Studies. My status as a double major has given me the great pleasure to encounter and interact with faculty and students of diverse backgrounds. I’ve been encouraged to pursue my interests while developing professionally and academically. That being said, the services provided to me by the University’s Career Development Center have been extremely beneficial. I have been informed of the various internships that are available and marketed to CSULA’s students. I am also kept aware of the companies that come to campus to engage students. In fact my current internship with NBCUniversal, I found using Eagle iJobs. All in all, I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me by the University and encourage my peers to utilize the resources provided to us. 



Finding Internships


Types of internships

Internships are the #1 recruitment tool used by many employers to source and evaluate full-time candidates. Internships offer a valuable two-way exploratory relationship between students and employers.  As an intern you gain functional industry experience, acquire and refine skills, and make meaningful connections. Through internships, employers have an opportunity to evaluate your performance and your potential as a future member of their team.

What qualifies as an internship?

Although the traditional internship is typically a full-time, summer-long experience, you are eligible to participate in non-traditional internships throughout the school year. These may include part-time or project-based opportunities. If you have any questions please contact or (323)343-2818.

Paid Internships:

Internships may be posted on the same central database that is used for full-time opportunities. This site is the career platform, Eagle ijobs, which can be found here.

Internships for academic credit:

CBE students are eligible to complete an internship for academic credit provided they coordinate with the department chair of their academic concentration, to ensure that they register for an internship course that fits in with their particular department’s requirements and policy for elective classes.   These types of internships are available through cooperative education.   To learn more about cooperative education, click here.

Searching for internships and full-time jobs:

Eagle ijobs, the university career platform, offers access to a job board and online career services. You can find and apply for jobs and internships, sign-up for events and workshops, upload your resume, practice interviewing or schedule an on-campus interview.

If you are new to Eagle ijobs, you will need to register and complete a profile. Your profile information is important because employers often use that information in their search for candidates who meet certain job qualifications. When registering for the first time, you need to contact the Career Center for the initial password and instructions. We recommend you use your CSULA portal email address as your user name.  Contact information for the Career Development Center is at (323)-343-3237.

Students interested in internship opportunities should:

  • Attend a workshop and / or schedule an appointment with Lorin Leone about the Placement Services program. Before scheduling an appointment, please be sure to:
    • Get your resume reviewed at the Career Development Center by a Career Counselor.
    • Review our Eagle ijobs and posts to get an understanding of our services.
    • Come prepared with questions written down to ask.
    • Bring a copy of any documents that you have questions about.
  • Subscribe to Eagle ijobs, the career platform for events, workshops, resources, tools, and job boards.
  • Subscribe to our social media links provided here to learn more about opportunities.

It is your responsibility to get involved by applying for opportunities and to attend recruiting events sponsored by the college and career center.

International Students

Students on F-1 visas are eligible for both internships and full-time employment provided they make the necessary arrangements to maintain visa requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the parameters and steps required, but employers are welcome to contact CSULA’s Office of International Students Office. The International Students Office partners with several employment attorneys that can help navigate the various requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Placement Services do?

Placement Services works exclusively with the six departments under the College of Business and Economics:

  • Accounting                        
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Economics                          
  • Finance and Law
  • Management                   
  • Marketing

With a variety of on-campus events to attend, students work with Placement Services to engage in opportunities for a career or internship.  Employers are looking to offer CSULA business students internships and jobs, so with these great opportunities, it gives the students one additional resource to get their desired position.

To learn more, please visit the website:

How can I learn about new positions and events?

CSULA has great opportunities for students to learn about exciting careers. They can apply for them through the school website.  While you’re a matriculated student, you can register for free by clicking here:

How do I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is easy.  Please click here to make one:

Do I need an internship?

It is recommended students within their undergraduate academic career should have at least one internship.  Is it mandatory?  No.  However, it creates a foundation to advance your career.

I have an internship and want to receive credit, how can I receive credit?

Students all the time receive internships, and what better way to get credit for working?  If you’re looking to receive credit, please contact: to get started.

The procedure takes minimum 2-4 weeks to do, and to start, please download the “College of Business and Economics Internship Procedure” at: and hand in at SH 256B.  You will be notified once it’s started.

I’m an international student and need sponsorship.  How do I get it?

If you’re an international student looking for sponsorship, it may be daunting at times, but it can happen.  Students from CSULA have been sponsored.  Unfortunately there aren’t any obvious companies that will promote it or say up front.  Students need to attend events, learn how to network, have a polished resume, and be able to sell themselves to get sponsored.  It can happen.

One way to get alerted of events is to check the calendar and attend.  As well, come to the workshops where you can learn about resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, etc.  They are hosted every quarter.  To find the next workshop, please visit:

I need help with my resume.  Where do I go?

If you check both the Placement Services calendar, there are workshops held each quarter pertaining to all aspects of career preparation which include resume critiques.  As well, the Career Center is a valuable resource to have your resume reviewed.  Monday thru Thursday, 11:00-2:00pm, students can walk in to have them critiqued.

What about when I graduate?

Students who are graduating can still utilize the same benefits by speaking with the alumni office:

Tel: (323) 343-ALUM (2586) /



Student Success Stories

"CSULA's College of Business and Economics is truly amazing. They have a great staff who care about their students. Lorin Leone, our Placement Coordinator, helped me land an internship with the U.S. Courts. The internship helped in building my confidence, and helped me realize I wanted to be part of the technology industry. Now I am a developer for a great start up company and I owe a great part of my success to CSULA's College of Business and Economics."

Leonarda Zavala, BS BA-CIS & Accounting, Spring 2013 Graduate


"An internship like this brought me worldwide perspective on what’s to come after I graduate. I’m using this internship with Worldwide Aeros as a stepping stone for my career in CIS. I really appreciate this opportunity. It’s all about creating value as far as my job opportunities are concerned. Thanks to Cal State LA, I was given that chance."

Glen D’Silva, MBA, Fall 2013 Graduate  


"As a Business Management Major at California State University, Los Angeles I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of students and faculty who have helped shape my personal and professional development over these past three years. Through the resources provided to me by the University, I have been able to take advantage of amazing internships, volunteer, and work opportunities. The Management department has done an excellent job of connecting us students to the outstanding group of Alumni of the University--through whose achievements have already paved the way for the success of following generations. I am so thankful for all the resources and opportunities provided to me by the University, and most especially to the College of Business Management faculty and Alumni whose support and guidance had allowed me to pursue my dreams of attaining a degree and becoming a leader in the field of business."

Angelica Sagum, BS BA-Management, Spring 2013 Graduate


"If you can dream it, you can do it!" (Walt Disney)

"I have been dreaming of working for Disney ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I could only dream to work for such an incredible company  and options were limited and competition was immense.With the encouragement of the Placement Coordinator Lorin Leone, the department chair Angela Young, and my professor Veena Prabhu, I was given the confidence to apply and the resources I needed to get there. Within no time, I was called in for an interview. Here I am now, having celebrated my one year anniversary just last week with The Walt Disney Company. My educational resources gave me the encouragement I needed, my knowledge gave me the confidence to be here and my passion gave me the extra push to be where I am today.

"When you believe a thing, believe it all the way. Have confidence in your ability to do it right and work hard to do the best possible job." (Disney)

"The knowledge that I have received from my professors here at CSULA have given me the ability to be confident in the Human Resource field. I take pride in what I have learned and where I am in my life. I hope that nobody ever thinks that it is impossible to dream big because "It's just kind of fun to do the impossible". I truly am thankful for it all! I can't imagine having been happier! Possibilities are endless!"

 Ani Balian, BS BA-Management, Summer 2013 Graduate

"To say that California State University, Los Angeles is an instrumental participant in my personal success is an understatement of epic proportions. This university and the staff at its helm have helped me grow as an intellectual, as an individual, as an influencer, and a leader. Its impact will be forever felt in my heart and in my mind for the rest of my life.The African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”, can be easily applied to the role that my professors, mentors, and colleagues took to ensure that I was always challenging myself to grow as a leader. It literally took the village of intellectuals I called my professors and mentors to help me understand that I was born with natural abilities that I could mold into opportunities larger than I had ever been exposed to. I was encouraged on several occasions to step outside my comfort zone by my professors so that I can display the type of leadership they felt I was capable of. This type of support and encouragement led me to launch an award winning student organization, win third place in a business pitch competition, build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, help raise $4,000 for education in El Salvador, and launch several educational initiatives.During my last year, I was challenged to serve my community and help develop community leaders into social change agents, so again I stretched outside my comfort zone and within 3 months we had a group of 16 students from around the globe join our Global Innovation Fellows. Amazingly, I was able to secure guest speakers and company tours that included Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, Google, The Walt Disney Company, and many more. My most recent challenge came from Lorin Leone, the placement coordinator at the College of Business and Economics who suggested I stretch myself and apply for a “perfect job” that she felt was made for me. I didn’t even ask what position it was for, but told her that I trusted her and to apply for me. After four months, four interviews, and a four hour panel presentation, I am now a Market Manager with a Global Fortune 150 company called Unilever. I never could have attained the level of success and achievement without the constant encouragement and support from my professors, whom I call my mentors. Their strong belief in me forced me to step out of mediocrity and step into the extraordinary.I encourage all students seeking to find their perfect career to start getting involved andusing all the resources that the university provides us so that you can learn by doing. Get started today, don’t wait until your graduation date gets closer. The results will surprise you."

Barney Santos, BS BA-Marketing / Option in Entrepreneurship, Spring 2013 Graduate


"It’s a great experience working with very intelligent people. I’m currently in El Segundo working in Instrumentation and Data Systems (I&DS). I’m in a new team my second term and also in a new campus. Last year, I was in Seal Beach/Huntington Beach with Charles Jech as my mentor. When I first met Charles, he told me, “Passion drives performance, fear drives compliance”, and that quote really motivated me.I’m really happy to have a second term here at Boeing as I’m involved. I’ve been meeting a lot of people, many new faces, and a few old.  The experience here is great, especially since I’m treated with respect and looked at the as another Boeing employee. The culture here is great as we all work together as a team.California State University, Los Angeles helped me obtain my Boeing internship through the Career Placement Officer, Lorin Leone. She is one of the universities greatest assets as she is knowledgeable and also extremely helpful in aiding in your career.Through my course work at California State University Los Angeles, it helped me grasp some of the terms and concepts used here at Boeing. In my communication class, I learned how to convey information and how to listen actively – which is extremely helpful here as I am in a meeting almost every week, and sometimes I am in a meeting twice in a day (one right after another). The majority of the courses I take at college carry over into the work place, as the concepts are applied. I suppose that’s why most of the college’s exams are concept based and not really into detail. Alternatively, working in the Computer Information Systems Department was a nice touch as it prepared me to work with new technology and security. Some of the tasks I was asked to do were deemed “difficult”, however they were basic tasks I was doing over at the CIS Department. Dr. Ganesan, the chair of the CIS department, prepared me well by doing the hands-on work he had me do. Even though I am an Information Systems Major, working in the Aerospace industry is quite exciting."

Chewson Huang, BS BA-CIS, 2014 Graduate


"The Global Technology Delivery Group at Xerox Corporation recruited me for a Summer Internship role of IT Engineer at their office in Rochester, NY. I was given the responsibility of automating one of their key business processes. It’s been a fabulous journey for me both in terms of gaining new technical skills and honing my management skill sets. Being a Software Engineer, it gave me the opportunity to look at a system from the business perspective of things.Working with the business team directly has given me a new sense of confidence and direction towards approaching things in a corporate set up. I had the unique opportunity of reporting directly to the Vice-President of the group. I was interacting with Senior Managers and Vice-President’s of various groups on a regular basis. The insights I have gained through these interactions are priceless. I have no doubt that these critical skills I gained at Xerox will help in finding a rewarding career for me.  It was a perfect internship where I applied all the technical and managerial skills I gained through my specialized Master’s in Information Systems  at California State University, Los Angeles."

Sivamallik Induru, MSIS, 2014 Graduate


“I am a proud recent alumnus of the CSULA College of Business and Economics . The real world training you receive here is top tier and prepares you for the demands of today’s job market. Many of my courses were taught at night by those who implement what they teach in the real world during the day. An education here, in the heart of Los Angeles, is easily worth as much if not more than anywhere else in the area. Now, as a Territory Manager in a global corporation, I look to CSULA to hire superstars for our Leadership Development Program.”

Kenneth Wong, 2012 Graduate