Undergraduate Programs in Management

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The Management Department offers four specializations within the management option. All tracks prepare students for leadership roles in a variety of settings. 

Entrepreneurship is the transformation of ideas into reality and typically involves new venture development and business ownership.  While business creation and ownership are typically the goals of entrepreneurs, they must work in all aspects of business including management, project management, new business planning and development, customer service, marketing, and operations management.

Management develops competence in management and supervisory processes used by executives, supervisors, and comparable administrative officers in industry, finance, government, and labor.

Human Resource Management prepares students for careers in human resources management in both the public and private sectors. Career paths include generalist and specialist, positions in human resource planning, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, job analysis, training and development, employment and labor relations, and other essential human resource functions.

Operations Management addresses the management of what an organization does to create value whether it’s delivering a service or manufacturing a product. Strategic issues include process and technology selection, facility and service design, supply chain, capacity, quality, inventory, and work force management. Graduates pursue careers in a wide range of industries that include hospitality, health care, government, information services, banking and manufacturing.