Returning Student Verification

This application request form is for returning undergraduates who have not attended any other school, including Cal State LA Open University, since last enrollment at Cal State LA. If you did attend elsewhere, please apply directly via Cal State Apply – do not complete this form.
If you are a Returning Student without additional coursework, please proceed with the Returning Student Verification eForm below. All questions must be answered completely and accurately. This information will be used to determine if you qualify to reapply to Cal State LA as a Returning Student; it is not a substitute for the Cal State Apply application. After submitting the eForm, please expect a reply email within 5-7 business days, and follow next steps as instructed.
STOP: Returning Transfer
Since you attended another college/university since leaving Cal State LA, you are a Returning Transfer and must meet Transfer Application and Admission requirements. Please do not continue with this form or click "Review entered information."
Select the term for which you seek readmission. Only available terms are shown.
Please enter your legal name and any former names.
Enter your full other name.
(###) ###-####
If you do not have a 9-digit Campus ID Number (CIN), please enter your Permanent File Number (PFN).
Please enter the month of your birthday.
Enter the term and year of your last enrollment at the University.
When you last attended Cal State LA, what was your major?
By typing my name below, I certify that I previously completed at least one term, and earned units in a degree seeking baccalaureate program at Cal State LA. Furthermore, since leaving the University, I have not attended any other schools, including Cal State LA Open University. I also understand that submission of this form is not the same as re-applying to the University. If this request is approved, I will receive further instructions on how to proceed with the reapplication process.