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Who is considered an International Student?

If you will be attending Cal State LA on a student visa (F1/J1), you are considered an international student. If you are a United States resident with foreign coursework, please apply as a domestic applicant.

International First Time Freshman Admission Eligibility Requirements: What do we look for?

You are a First Time Freshman for admission purposes if:

  1. You are still in high school but will be graduating soon, or
  2. You are a high school graduate, and have not earned college credit beyond the summer immediately following high school graduation.

Click here for International Transfer Admission Information.

For first time freshman admissions, by the end of the last qualifying coursework term for admissions, applicants must meet all of the following:

  • Regardless of residency, if you have not attended a high school/secondary level education institution where English was the principal language of instruction for at least three years full time, or have not completed a transferable college-level English Composition course from a United States post-secondary institution, with a grade of 'C' or better, you must obtain a minimum English Language Proficiency Exam score.

  • For graduates of a non-regionally accredited foreign high school:

    • Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average as evaluated by the University; and

    • If requested by the University, qualified ACT or SAT Reasoning Test scores.

  • For graduates of a regionally accredited foreign high school, or high school in the United States:

    • Completion of all required A-G college preparatory high school classes by the end of the last qualifying term for admissions consideration, earning a ‘C’ or better in each;


History and Social Science (including 1 year of U.S. history or 1 semester of U.S. history and 1 semester of civics or American government AND 1 year of social science)


English (4 years of college preparatory English composition and literature)


Math (4 years recommended) including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or higher mathematics (take one each year)


Laboratory Science (including 1 biological science and 1 physical science)


Language Other than English (2 years of the same language; American Sign Language is applicable - for possible waiver options, click here)


Visual and Performing Arts (dance, drama or theater, music, or visual art)


College Preparatory Elective (additional year chosen from the University of California "a-g" list)

  • Have a minimum of non-California resident high school GPA of 2.45 (GPA Calculator), and a qualifying non-California resident eligibility index, based on the combination of your high school GPA and your highest ACT composite or SAT (Math and Critical Reading) test score;

  • Meet program impaction requirements, as applicable; and

  • If from a California public high school, successfully passing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). 

Procedure for Applying to Cal State LA as a First Time Freshman:

  1. Review the admission criteria for a first-time freshman applicant. Some academic majors are impacted, and may have additional admission requirements. Please refer to the impaction page for more information ("IMPACTION" refers to programs for which the applications received far exceed the number of spaces available for admission.)
  2. International students must submit the application by the domestic undergraduate application deadline to be considered for an impacted major/program. Please note that the domestic admission application deadline is usually earlier than the international deadline.

Ready to apply?

You can apply to Cal State L.A. online by visiting Cal State Apply. Please submit your application by the stated deadline.

When to apply - Dates & Deadlines

Deadlines vary by admission term. View the deadlines for the term you would like to begin your studies at Cal State L.A..