CITI Online Training

Cal State LA Institutional Review Board requires all researchers, including all key personnel (any one in contact with participants or data) to complete an education and training program on the protection of human research subjects. This requirement can be fulfilled by completing the online training offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) in the ethical use of human participants in research. Certification of completion must be linked to each application for IRB review, any IRB application will not be processed until all personnel have completed CITI training. Certification is valid for three years.

CITI is a leading provider of research education training. Research personnel engaged in human participant research are required to take the course titled, “Social & Behavioral Researcher Investigators” or “Biomedical Research Investigators" choose accordingly. Please be aware that completion of the required modules for these courses take about 2 to 3 hours; all modules do not have to be completed during "one" session.


1.     Log in to CITI Program ( ) using your user name and password that you created for your previous institution.

2.     At the bottom of the “Main Menu” page, click “Affiliate With Another Institution”

3.     Search for “California State University Los Angeles” and follow remaining instructions.


NOTE: If you do not have any Cal State LA completion records, it is most likely because we require additional modules to complete our certificate. If you click on Cal State LA from “Main Menu”, it will tell you if our course is completed.


PLEASE NOTE: The IRB Committee made changes to the training for research with human subjects. If you took the NIH after 10/29/2016 you will need to take the new CITI training. As the NIH certificate is no longer valid

Below is link to the CITI Training site, notes on Managing Training & Credentials on IRBNet, and

Step-by-Step Instructions on Cal State LA's CITI Registration and Training Process:


  1. Go to

  2. If you are a new user, you need to create an account. If you are returning user, enter your username and password. To create an account, click “Register” and follow the instructions provided on the screen. Make sure to affiliate your account with "California State University Los Angeles" (Step 1). Be prepared to provide your university e-mail, your Campus Identification Number (CIN), your Role in Human Subjects Research, and a phone number (Step 6). 

Your CIN will take place of your Employee Identification Number (if you do not have one) when you register. If you do not have an Office Phone use the phone number that is easiest to reach you.

  1. When asked "Which Course do you plan to take?" (Step 6) chose the one that is most similar to your research.

  2. Scroll down and answer Question 1 through 4 (Step 7). If you are not doing lab animal research, leave question 1 blank. Question 2 is required for any type of Institutional Research. For question 3, select which course encompasses your research.

  3. After registering, click on the name of the course that appears under California State University Los Angeles section to start your training. Each course could possibly take up to 4 hours to complete. You can always log out and come back later to work on the modules listed under each course.

  4. Once you successfully completed courses, and "passed", click on "Print Report" for each course and save the report as a pdf and upload it to your User Profile on IRBNet. Instructions to do so are here IRBNet Notes - Training & Credentials.

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