Active Learning Workshop

Active Learning Workshop

Active Learning Workshop

Call for particpation has closed. Look for new calls in Spring 2018. 

CETL offer the popular Active Learning Workshop as both a two-day and one-day program. Active learning strategies foster highly interactive classroom sessions featuring small groups of students working collaboratively while deemphasizing classroom lecture. Thinking about teaching a hybrid or flipped course? Learn how to maximize your face-to-face sessions with active learning.

The full day workshop, held in one of the new T-FLeC-spaces, offers participants the experience of actively learning about active learning in these newly designed and innovative classroom environments.

Workshop topics include:

  • Opportunities afforded by active learning classrooms
  • Tips for successful active learning activity planning
  • An introduction to a myriad of small student group activities
  • High and low-tech active learning tools

Many of these activities are easily implemented in almost any classroom (high- or low-tech).  Faculty need not have extensive knowledge or experience using educational technology or active learning to apply. Participants should have basic experience using technology in a standard TEC classroom at Cal State LA (PC and projector or doc cam).

Technology is the focus of the second half of the session, therefore BYOD: Bring Your Own Device (e.g. laptop, tablet, iPad & charger).

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will receive priority consideration for scheduling courses in one of the new T-FLeC-spaces at Cal State LA.


There are a limited number of seats in this workshop. Participants must be able to attend the FULL workshop.

Email CETL with questions at