Uploading Documents

As our campus continues to monitor and assess the situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Office of Admissions and Recruitment is allowing for the online submission of the following forms and documents:

  • Admission Appeal Packets (with supporting documentation)
  • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Verifications (for transfer applicants)
  • Bio Demo Change Requests (with supporting documentation)
  • CSU Residence Questionnaire (with supporting documentation)
  • Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request (AB540)
  • Readmission/Reinstatement Forms (for returning students)
  • Unofficial International Evaluation Reports (for graduate applicants)
  • Unofficial Transcripts* (high school and colleges/universities) - the document must clearly show the student's name and school's name.
  • Unofficial Test scores* - the document must clearly show the student's name and address.
  • Any other admissions-related documents and forms.

*Unofficial transcripts and test scores will be considered for initial admission review and appeal purposes, however, OFFICIAL documents must also be sent to the Cal State LA Admissions Office. Please make sure official documents are ordered to be sent to Cal State LA as soon as possible.

To begin the document upload process, please have your Cal State LA CIN and electronic document files ready, and then click below: