International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

International applicants (those requiring a F/J visa to study in the US) to a graduate/postbaccalaureate program with non-US academic records/transcripts are required to submit their international documents to IERF. If you have studied at an institution outside of the US, please submit your official foreign academic records with ATA certified English translations(s) to the International Education Research Foundation (IERF) for initial evaluation to expedite the admissions process. (NOTE: Transcripts from institutions in the United States do not need to be sent to IERF. They must be sent directly to the Cal State LA Admissions Office.)
Please submit your academic records to IERF after you apply to the University, and as soon as the required first term's grades/marks for your final year of study are posted. Your university admissions application will not be evaluated until the IERF report with official academic records are received.
IERF Submission Instructions
  1. Submit the online university admissions application - International Applicants
  2. Visit to create an online application requesting the "Detailed Report”. 
  3. Indicate that you were referred by CSU Los Angeles-Graduate Admissions and that you would like to have the evaluation report sent directly to "CSU Los Angeles-Graduate Admissions."
  4. The evaluation fee is $165 (USD) - please remit directly to IERF.
  5. Once the online IERF application is submitted, send your official academic records (and if not in English, with ATA certified mirrored English translation report) to:
International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 3665
Culver City, CA 90231
The academic records/transcripts must be official, issued within the last two years, and sealed in an envelope by the issuing educational institution.
Important Tips for Submitting Official Academic Records to IERF
  • Official transcripts must be submitted from all international/non-US institutions attended.
  • Official transcripts must be issued within the last two years, and submitted in sealed envelopes issued by the school and unopened by the applicant. Transcripts that arrive opened will be considered unofficial and will not be evaluated by IERF.
  • For country-specific requirements, be sure to refer to Bear in mind again that the educational records must be original, official documents.
  • Transcripts cannot be submitted by email, copy or fax.
    • By mail/postage: Official transcripts can be sent directly from the international institution OR applicants can place the sealed, school issued envelope inside another envelope and mail to IERF. If official transcripts are mailed from an international location, we recommend using a guaranteed delivery service.
  • All documents submitted will become the property of the University, and will not be returned to the applicant.