TVF | Cal State LA

Information for students planning to film on and off campus.

Whether you are shooting on film or video students will need to secure a permit when filming their projects in a public space. There are several resources for securing these permits.

1. For on campus filming you must inform the Office of Communications and Public Affairs in the Adminstration building room 819 (Extension 3-3050) and fill out a filming application.

You will need to attach a copy of your script or a plot synopsis that details the scenes to be filmed on campus. Public Affairs will review the application in regard to content and image issues. It will take a minimum of 10 working days to review the application. The application is then sent to Facilities and the Department of Public Safety for final approval. You can download the filming application and fill it out before visiting the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. 

2. For most of Los Angeles County you will need to contact Film LA Inc. 213-977-8600 You may obtain most of the forms you will need online. Student film permits start at $25.00. To see a list of the areas within the County of Los Angeles served by film LA go to their website, select Our Service, then choose the Areas Served.

You will need a letter from your professor, or the department stating that you are a student in good standing, that this project is for "noncommercial purposes " and that it fulfills a requirement for your class.

3. For cities that are not listed with Film LA you must go to the permit office of that city. There are many cities that we have an existing relationship with such as Pasadena. You will still need to fill out an application and you will still need the letter but that should be all you need.

If you find yourself in a city that does not have the schools insurance information on file you should expect that it will take an additional two weeks before that information can be processed. If that city's insurance requirements are outside the norm, then it could take longer.

When you are filling out the forms there will inevitably be a line requesting the name of the production company. That will be your name, not the schools.