Colloquia and Events

The Department hosts a regular weekly colloquium series featuring speakers from academia and industry.  During Spring 2018, the colloquia will take place on Thursdays at 3 pm in BIOS 335.  Refreshments are served first and talks will begin at 3:15 pm.

This week's colloquium

“Physics of the Auditory System”
Prof. Dolores Bozovic, UCLA

Feb. 22, 3 pm, BIOS 335

The inner ear constitutes a remarkable biological sensor that exhibits nanometer-scale sensitivity of mechanical detection. The first step in auditory processing is performed by hair cells, which act as transducers that convert minute mechanical vibrations into electrical signals that can be sent to the brain. My laboratory explores the nonlinear dynamics behind the detection of sound, with the aim of understanding the extreme sensitivity of hearing. We explore the different bifurcations that characterize hair bundle activity, and study how they affect phase-locking to incoming signals. We demonstrate experimentally that bundles can phase-lock to a broad range of frequencies, in various mode-locking ratios. Further, we demonstrate the presence of chaos in the underlying dynamics of active bundles, and explore its impact on the sensitivity of detection.


Future colloquia

March 1
Dr. Shahriar Abachi, Cal State LA

March 15
Dr. Shea Garrison-Kimmel, Caltech

April 5
Dr. Ana Asenjo Garcia, Caltech

April 12
Prof. Jorge Hirsch, UC San Diego

More coming soon...

Past colloquia

February 1
"The Birth of Planets: Signatures in Circumstellar Disks"
Prof. Wladimir Lyra, CSU Northridge

February 15
“A Simulator for Determining the Electronic Structure of Molecules with Ultracold Atoms”
Prof. Julio Barreiro, UC San Diego

Fall 2017

September 7
"Observation of Multipoles in the Solid State by Means of Ultrasound"
Prof. Tatsuya Yanagisawa, Hokkaido University

September 14
"Setting the Initial Conditions for Planets: The Young Circumstellar Disk"
Prof. Leslie Looney, University of Illinois

September 21
"The 100 Year Odyssey from Einstein to Gravitational Waves"
Prof. Emeritus Barry C. Barish, Caltech

September 28
"Supermassive Black Hole Formation"
Dr. Christine Corbett Moran, Caltech

October 5
"Innovative Approaches in mm-Wavelength Cosmology"
Dr. Abigail Crites, Caltech

October 12
"Observations of the Diffuse Universe"
Dr. Erika Hamden, Caltech

October 19
"Astrophysics Learned from the Detection of Gravitational Waves"
Dr. Riccardo DeSalvo, Cal State LA

October 26
"Competing Orders in the 112 Fe pnictide Superconducting Family"
Prof. Ni Ni, UCLA

November 9
“Exploring Novel Relativistic Mott Insulators in the 2-dimensional Limit”
Prof. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, Cal State Long Beach

November 16
“Sculpting Crystals with Light – Optical Blasting Deforms Colloidal Crystal Grains”
Prof. Sharon Gerbode, Harvey Mudd College