Colloquia and Events

During the academic year, the Department hosts a weekly colloquium series which features speakers from both academia and industry.  This semester (Spring 2018) the colloquia take place on Thursdays from 3-4:30 pm in BIOS 335.  Refreshments are served at 3 pm and talks begin at 3:15 pm.

This week's colloquium

"Collective phenomena in cell membranes"
Prof. Christoph Haselwandter, USC

Thursday, May 3, 3 pm in BIOS 335

Cell membranes are one of the fundamental hallmarks of life. Following seminal breakthroughs in structural biology and cell microscopy, it is now widely appreciated that many of the key aspects of membrane function cannot be understood by considering isolated membrane proteins but, instead, emerge from the collective properties of protein structure, interactions between proteins and the surrounding lipid bilayer, membrane shape, and the supramolecular organization of membrane proteins into lattices of interacting proteins. Using specific biological model systems as case studies, we illustrate here how experimental data on the structure, organization, shape, and collective function of cell membranes can be integrated into simple mathematical models that allow, starting from key molecular properties of proteins and lipids, a physical understanding of cell membranes across length and time scales.

Upcoming colloquia

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Previous colloquia

April 26: Dr. Yuval Baum, Caltech, "Current at a distance and resonant transparency in Weyl semimetals"

April 19: Prof. Jayakanth Ravichandran, USC, "Shining Light on Perovskite Chalcogenides: Semiconductors for Visible to Infrared Optoelectronics"

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