Colloquia and Events

The Department hosts a regular weekly colloquium series featuring speakers from academia and industry.  During Fall 2017, the colloquia will take place on Thursdays at 3 pm in BIOS 335.  Refreshments are served first and talks will begin at 3:15 pm.

This week's colloquium

The 100 Year Odyssey from Einstein to Gravitational Waves
Prof. Emeritus Barry C. Barish, Caltech
Sept. 21, 3 pm, Golden Eagle Ballroom #3

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves 100 years ago when Einstein thought they could never be detected. After 40 years of controversy, theorists finally developed a consensus that they really do exist. Then, the problem became whether experimental physicists could develop instruments sensitive enough to actually detect them? The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), using exquisitely sensitive techniques, has made the dramatic observations of gravitational waves coming from the collision of two Black Holes. These observations have opened a totally new window on the universe. The history, techniques, and initial observations will be discussed.

Future colloquia

September 28
"Supermassive Star Formation"
Dr. Christine Corbett Moran, Caltech

October 5
"Studying the Epoch of Reionization with mm-Wavelength Instruments."  
Dr. Abigail Crites, Caltech

October 12
“Observations of the Diffuse Universe”
Dr. Erika Hamden, Caltech

October 19
“Black Hole Mergers in Galactic Nuclei Induced by the Eccentric Kozai-Lidov Effect”
Bao-Minh Hoang, UCLA

October 26
Title - TBD
Dr. Ni Ni, UCLA

November 2
"Investigating the Early Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems with Sub-mm and Radio Interferometers"
Dr. Luca Ricci, Rice University

November 9
“Exploring Novel Relativistic Mott Insulators in the 2-dimensional Limit”
Dr. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, Cal State Long Beach

November 16
“Sculpting Crystals with Light -- Optical Blasting Deforms Colloidal Crystal Grains”
Dr. Sharon J. Gerbode, Harvey Mudd College

Past colloquia

September 7
"Observation of Multipoles in the Solid State by Means of Ultrasound"
Prof. Tatsuya Yanagisawa, Hokkaido University

September 14
"Setting the Initial Conditions for Planets: The Young Circumstellar Disk"
Prof. Leslie Looney, University of Illinois