Colloquia and Events

The Department hosts a regular weekly colloquium series featuring speakers from academia and industry.  During Fall 2017, the colloquia will take place on Thursdays at 3 pm in BIOS 335.  Refreshments are served first and talks will begin at 3:15 pm.

This week's colloquium

“Sculpting Crystals with Light -- Optical Blasting Deforms Colloidal Crystal Grains”
Prof. Sharon J. Gerbode, Harvey Mudd College

Nov. 16, 3 pm, BIOS 335

We introduce “optical blasting,” a laser technique that repels particles and causes local melting in experimental 2D colloidal polycrystals. Interestingly, we find that optical blasting attracts grain boundaries. We explain this result using a toy model to show that the statistical multiplicity of deformed grain boundaries outweighs their extra energetic cost. This discovery invites new questions about how local disorder can affect the growth of crystal grains and provides a method to investigate fundamental grain boundary properties and ultimately create artificial colloidal crystal grains.


Future colloquia

Not until Spring 2018!

Past colloquia

September 7
"Observation of Multipoles in the Solid State by Means of Ultrasound"
Prof. Tatsuya Yanagisawa, Hokkaido University

September 14
"Setting the Initial Conditions for Planets: The Young Circumstellar Disk"
Prof. Leslie Looney, University of Illinois

September 21
"The 100 Year Odyssey from Einstein to Gravitational Waves"
Prof. Emeritus Barry C. Barish, Caltech

September 28
"Supermassive Black Hole Formation"
Dr. Christine Corbett Moran, Caltech

October 5
"Innovative Approaches in mm-Wavelength Cosmology"
Dr. Abigail Crites, Caltech

October 12
"Observations of the Diffuse Universe"
Dr. Erika Hamden, Caltech

October 19
"Astrophysics Learned from the Detection of Gravitational Waves"
Dr. Riccardo DeSalvo, Cal State LA

October 26
"Competing Orders in the 112 Fe pnictide Superconducting Family"
Prof. Ni Ni, UCLA

November 9
“Exploring Novel Relativistic Mott Insulators in the 2-dimensional Limit”
Prof. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, Cal State Long Beach