Clinical and Counseling Research Labs

Clinical labs

Ramani Durvasula ► Health Psychology Lab

Lab: KH D3080


Research interests have focused on neuropsychiatric effects of HIV on men and women among ethnic minority communities and related health behaviors.


Mitchell Eisen ► Forenisic Psychology Eyewitness Memory Lab

Lab: KH D3071-E


Research interests span over two broad areas. Much of his current work examines issues related to eyewitness memory and suggestibility. In addition, Dr. Eisen does research on children's memory and suggestibility with a focus on examining the impact of stress and trauma on memory reports, and disclosures of abuse.


Gaithri Fernando ► Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Lab

Lab: KH D3077


Primary interests are in posttraumatic stress in the context of war and extreme traumas such as torture, bomb blasts, and assassination attempts.


Eric Kohatsu ► Center for Cross-Cultural Research

Lab: KH A3042


Research focuses on racial identity issues, racism, stereotypes and prejudice, and the psychosocial impact of racism on people of color.


Brigitte Matthies ► Clinical Research Lab

Lab: KH D3073


My research interests are broad and reflect the many settings that I have worked in. My early Ph.D. research was on the neural mechanisms of pain and analgesia. During my post doctoral training in neuropsycholgy I became interested in the behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury. As my work became more clinical in its focus I began to collect data on cross cultural differences in relationships and mental health problems (particularly Phobias, Depression and Eating Disorders), the use of standardized psychological instruments in developing countries, the reasons for youth participation in sports, and the development of mental health education.