CSET Waiver

CSET Waiver Programs for Math Teachers (Full & Foundational):

To become a math teacher, you need a BA/BS degree (with subject matter competency as required for teachers) and a teaching credential. To show subject matter competency, you can either 1) pass the CSET, 2) complete a degree program that has the CSET waiver embedded in it, or 3) complete the list of waiver courses. Follow the link for descriptions of the programs and the lists of courses for Math CSET Waiver

If you graduated in option I (Applied) or II (General), you can complete the missing courses from the waiver you want (see above link) and qualify for a CSET waiver. Note that option III (Integrated Teaching) and option IV (Traditional Teaching) graduates automatically qualify for the Full CSET waiver, as all waiver courses are embedded in degree courses. 

However, all waiver seekers must contact Dr. Raychaudhuri via email draycha@calstatela.edu after they complete all the waiver courses, to have their waiver evaluation sent to Charter College of Education.You do not need to pay any fee for a waiver evaluation, if you are admitted in the credential program on campus.

Note that per dept. policy, students can get CSET waiver evaluation as long as they are: a) enrolled in CSULA math credential program (no fee) AND completed math courses at a CSU campus without a waiver program, b) graduated from our campus with a B.A. or B.S in Math (pay a fee at the cashiers for waiver evaluation). For other credential seekers, passing of CSET is recommended.