About Us

The Department of Mathematics at the California State University, Los Angeles consists of 12 full-time faculty, 3 FERP faculty, about 70 adjunct faculty, and graduate teaching associates. The faculty is professionally active having published over thirty books as well as a large number of research papers.

We offer a Master of Science degree in Mathematics with options in general and in applied mathematics as well as a Bachelors of Science degree with four different options; applied, general, integrated teaching and traditional teaching. In addition to its major programs, the department supports an undergraduate Minor program as well as two approved Subject Matter Programs for the Single Subject Mathematics waiver and Foundational Level Mathematics Waiver. Supplementing the academic programs are seminars, colloquia, speakers, and other events. 

Students in the master's program include teachers, others from industry, government, as well as those coming directly from undergraduate programs in mathematics or other fields. Graduate teaching associate positions are available and supply valuable experience as well as financial support.
Students entering the undergraduate majors complete programs preparing them for high school teaching, for graduate study, or for positions in government or industry.