Department of Chicano Studies IS NOW the Department of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies

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************SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT************

The Department of Chicano Studies will undergo a name change in the fall semester.  Our new name is going to be:

Department of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies

This name change has much new meaning and is very significant!  We will be hosting an event in fall to celebrate this new development on campus. 

When you register for courses for fall semester, all of our classes will be identified with the new designation of CLS, not CHS .  For example, CLS 1300 The Constitution, Equity and Chicanas/os and Latinas/os  is one of our newest classes listed on GET.  We hope this helps you as you register for classes.  If you have any questions, please contact the Acting Chair of the department at .  We look forward to seeing you in classes in August!!

Please also visit our Scholarship page for updated informaton for May 30, 2016 deadline!


Department Faculty

 Please explore our website or visit us, the office is open:

Monday-Thursday 8:15am-5:45pm, (closed from 12:30-1:30pm) and Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm

Nuestra Raices Y Perspectivas/Faculty roots and perspectives:

The faculty build upon our history as one of the first the nation’s first Chicano Studies department to examine and validate the past and present struggles of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) communities as we work toward shared visions of social justice and equality. We are situated in the heart of Los Angeles, which allows Cal State LA, as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), and a Predominately Chicana(o)/Latina(o) University, to be a unique space to develop connections between personal experience and academic knowledge/success. Our coursework aims to refine critical thinking and researching skills.  The department faculty prepare students for careers including, but not limited to, teaching, law, non-profits, and government agencies, among others. This interdisciplinary major spans the social sciences and humanities, which allows student to be well-equipped to pursue graduate study in a range of disciplines.

Our Mission

The Department of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies at California State University, Los Angeles offers a vibrant, innovative program that emphasizes an interdisciplinary and transnational approach to understanding the historical experiences and contemporary social status of Latin American-origin populations in the United States. Our pedagogy affirms a problem-solving orientation to research and critical thinking in the following areas in Chicana/o Latina/o Studies: Education, Sociology, History, Social Movements, Popular Music/Culture and Literature. Courses in each of these areas examine how geographic, racial, cultural, gender, sexual and class dynamics shape Chicana(o) and Latina(o) communities.  The department offers curriculum that engage students in an array of theories, methodologies, technologies, and research approaches within the field. Additionally, students receive an education that prepares them to become effective professionals and leaders in a multicultural society and global context.