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Spring 2017 Grades Due by 9 AM, Thursday, May 25

Spring 2017 grading will be available from Monday, May 8, until 9 AM, Thursday, May 25. Grades not submitted by 9 AM on Thursday, May 25 must be submitted on individual grade change forms.

Please use your myCSULA Identity account (i.e., AD\jdoe) to access the online grading instructions.

Enrollment Validation for Students: New For Fall 2017!

New this year for enrollment is the ability for students to validate their desired class schedule prior to their assigned registration time.  This gives students a head start on resolving common enrollment barriers in advance of their registration appointment.

What Does Enrollment Validation Mean?

Enrollment validation works closely with Schedule Planner and the Shopping Cart to simulate an add request for each class section submitted by the student. The simulation process does error checking, reporting back reasons the class cannot be added, without enrolling the student or reserving a seat. Errors checked are:

  • Holds (negative service indicators)
  • Time Conflicts
  • Requisites Not Met
  • Consent Required
  • Maximum Unit Load (no prepayment made)

When Will Students Validate Enrollment?

Validation will open for students two weeks before the first enrollment appointments start. This gives students a head start on resolving common enrollment barriers in advance. This is intended to distribute the workload associated with clearing those barriers over more time and relieve stress on everyone during the appointment registration weeks.

Shopping Cart Appointment vs. Enrollment Appointment

Students will see two types of appointments in the Student Center:
  • Shopping Cart Appointment: when a student may use Enrollment Validation
  • Enrollment Appointment: when a student may submit add/drop requests


Screenshot of Enrollment Validation box

The Shopping Cart Appointment only allows access to the validate button on the Shopping Cart. It does not allow a student to submit add/drop requests.

A student may only submit add/drop requests during the time frame defined on an Enrollment Appointment.

Will Students Be Notified?

Yes. We will send an email message explaining the enrollment process to eligible to enroll students later this week when we publish Shopping Cart and Enrollment Appointments in GET. The message explains the difference between the two appointment types and outlines the six recommended enrollment steps:

  • Resolve Holds
  • Review outstanding Academic Requirements (CAAR)
  • Use Schedule Planner to identify preferred sections
  • Validate Enrollment and resolve any problems such as obtaining required class permits
  • Pay any tuition and fees not covered by that term's anticipated financial aid. Financial Aid will send notifications including anticipated aid to students who meet the priority application date.
  • Enroll and Confirm Schedule

Class Permission Assignments

Students who choose to use the validation feature should be able to contact departments well in advance of their enrollment appointment time to request course permits. Permits can be entered in advance without worrying about overenrolling the section. Care must be taken by staff entering permits to limit which enrollment checks are overridden. When using the Class Permission Assignments page to issue a Requisite Not Met or Consent Required permit, ensure that the Closed Class box is not checked unless you also intend to overenroll the section.

Navigation: CSULA Baseline > CSULA Student Records > Class Permission Assignments

Hint: use the Defaults box on the page to clear the unneeded options before entering individual student ID rows.

Screenshot of Enrollment Validation box

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