The Teaching Project

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The Teaching Project

The Teaching Project

CETL is launching a new series of 7 workshops on teaching that can be combined for certification.

We encourage any faculty (or departments) who want to explore best practice in their teaching and learning to take advantage. Various aspects of effective teaching are covered, including first-generation learners, writing clear (transparent) assignments, best grading practice and the student-centered syllabus. Join us for as many sessions as you can.

Faculty can earn the Teaching Project Certificate by completing at least 10 hours of programming including: 3 required core workshops (see below; Moodle/technology workshops are excluded) and any of the four designated electives. A portion of the electives may be substituted with completion of our 2-Day Active Learning Workshop (up to 4 hours may count toward the certificate) OR Mindful Teaching & Learning workshop (4 hours).

Required Core Workshops

Three core workshops focus on essential instructor techniques and skills.
Complete the following three workshops (4 hrs):
  1. Creating the Student-Centered Syllabus (1hr)
  2. Teaching First-Generation Learners (1.5 hrs)
  3. Writing Smarter Test Questions (1.5 hrs)

Elective Workshops

Dive deeper into additional techniques with the following elective workshops.
Complete at least 6 hours of elective workshops:
  1. Adjusting to Semesters (1 hr)
  2. Grading Best Practices (1 hr)
  3. Teaching the Large Classroom (3 hrs)
  4. Ensuring Equity in Learning Through Transparent Assignment Design (2 hrs)
  5. Mindful Teaching and Learning (4 hrs)
  6. 2-Day Active Learning workshop (up to 4 hours may count toward the certificate)

Workshop Descriptions

Adjusting to Semesters

Was the fall semester tough on you and your students? Still need tips for making better use of the new schedule? Attend this workshop to learn ways to change up your course to help you thrive in the semester. Topics include pacing your course, preventing course drift, spreading out the exam schedule, and strategies that help students (and YOU) experience a less stressful semester.
(Based on the “What to Expect in Semesters” and “Transition to Semesters” series).

Workshop Duration: 1 Hour

Writing Smarter Test Questions

Writing multiple choice test questions, also known as item writing, is art and science. A well-constructed MC question is versatile, reliable-- and reusable!

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify and define the parts of a MC question
  • Practice writing items that avoid common mistakes
  • Apply best practices to strengthen your questions
  • Identify specific item types that reward critical thinking

Bring a copy of a current quiz, test or exam to work on.

Workshop Duration: 1.5 Hours

Ensuring Equity in Learning Through Transparent Assignment Design

Students in classes that used more transparency report gains in academic confidence, sense of belonging, and skills like group work and using written and oral communication. All students report benefits, but first-generation and underrepresented students reported even greater benefits.

Research on transparent teaching and learning at the Transparency in Teaching and Learning (TILT) project at the University of Nevada Las Vegas reports increased motivation and a higher quality of student work. This session replicates the work of the UNLV TILT project. Led by Dr. Michael Willard.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Determine how transparently designed assignments offer equitable opportunities for all college students to succeed
  • Identify transparent assignment design strategies in sample assignments
  • Apply transparent assignment design strategies to your own courses
  • Begin to plan a draft assignment for your own course
Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

Teaching First-Generation Learners

What is equitable teaching practice? Does it matter how we teach students who are the first in their family to attend college? Learn how your attention to these most independent and motivated of learners can ultimately improve teaching.

Workshop Duration: 1.5 Hours

Creating the Student-Centered Syllabus

Many instructors are unaware that a great syllabus can be used to improve student learning, especially for first-generation students who struggle with “hidden curriculum”. In this workshop you will determine how student-friendly your syllabus is using a syllabus rubric, then employ simple changes to make it so.Please bring a copy of a current syllabus..

Workshop Duration: 1 Hour

Teaching the LARGE Classroom

Limited seating, please RSVP.
This extended workshop is useful for any instructor facing a large classroom (>75 students).
Covered: checklists, using media effectively, lecturing, auditorium classroom activities, testing and grading. Join us in a large-lecture classroom for some energizing techniques aimed at delivering a coherent large-lecture experience. We will repeat in summer.

Workshop Duration: 3 Hours

Grading Best Practices

Do you dread grading time? Are you looking for ways to grade effectively and efficiently? Come learn how to set up fair and consistent grading practices which will help ensure your course grading maintains academic standards, motivates students, and saves you time. Please bring a copy of your syllabus so that you can “grade” your grading scale.

Workshop Duration: 1 Hour

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