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The Natural Science Program emphasizes the interrelationships among the several natural science disciplines, including biology, chemistry, geoscience, and physics. Students complete one year of study in each of the four areas and choose one area as an emphasis area to study in depth at the upper-division level. Faculty from several departments, including Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geosciences and Environment, Mathematics, and Physics and Astronomy Courses, are responsible for teaching the courses in the Natural Science program.

Natural Science is offered as an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Natural Science majors must choose a degree option (Traditional or Blended) and must select an emphasis area (biology, chemistry, geoscience, or physics). Students who complete the Traditional option earn a Bachelor of Science degree upon graduation. Students who complete the Blended option earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a Single Subject teaching credential in Science upon graduation.

Because the Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science provides broad training across several science disciplines, career opportunities for persons with the degree span a wide range. The rapid pace of scientific and technical advances makes a broad understanding of science valuable to careers in academia, business, government, law, medicine, nonprofit organizations (e.g., museums, private foundations), and other fields. The Bachelor of Science degree also serves as a solid foundation for additional training, such as a law degree, medical degree, or teaching credential, that is often required for more advanced career positions.

The Natural Science program of study also satisfies the subject matter requirement for the California Single Subject teaching credential in Science and is a waiver program approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The waiver program allows students completing the Natural Science coursework to meet the subject matter requirement without taking the CSET subject matter exams. Persons already holding a bachelor’s degree can complete coursework equivalent to the Natural Science program to fulfill the subject matter requirement for the California Single Subject teaching credential in Science.

The Natural Science Program offers students access to excellent faculty across scientific disciplines and who are leaders in pedagogical innovation, scientific research, and teacher preparation. Natural Science majors also receive faculty and peer mentoring, participate in early field experiences, and gather for quarterly social and advisement meetings. Scholarships provide financial support for students in all disciplines and who meet established criteria, and career fairs and workshops prepare students for the job application process. Natural Science majors may join clubs for future teachers and the campus chapters of the Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies. Program graduates have entered a variety of career paths, including government jobs, graduate programs in science, health professional schools, and teaching.

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