CSULA Department of English | Statement 2003

Image of Statement 2003 Cover


Episodes, Elaine Howell

Old at Forty Four, Michael
Langford Whitlow

Contributors: Cori Amoroso, Bernie H. Carrasco, Chrissy
Coleman, Michael Denvir, Marie A. Forrest, John Grab, Chip Honadle,
Elaine Howell, Willia Johnson, Eric Luthi, Shelly Novo, Andres
Reconco, Thomas Roddy, Jennifer Sellers, Alicia Viguer-Espert,
Janet Walters, and Michael Langford Whitlow

Editors: Cori Amoroso, Bernie H. Carrasco, Holly Cronin,
Marie A. Forrest, Lanla Mona-Lisa Gist, Sharell Mayberry, Jose
Munoz, Albert Murray, Diana Roston, Edahrline Salas, Crystal
Samuel, Priscilla Stroud, Edward VanZandt, Tien Ha Vo, Terri
Waits-Smith, and Elisha Williams

Faculty Advisors: Mary Bush and Timothy Steele

Cover Image (above): Eduard Manet, "Mme Jules
." Works on Paper Photo courtesy of the Grunwald
Center for the Graphic Arts, UCLA Hammer Musuem. Photography by
Robert Wedemeyer.