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Ask a Librarian Email Form

Not all questions can be adequately answered or explained via email. If you still have questions after a librarian has replied to your inquiry you should make plans to visit the university library's reference desk for additional help or clarification.

Also, please note:  Ask a Librarian cannot always provide direct answers to student questions since this could violate honor code policies.  Users agree to respect the librarians' goal to help them learn how to find answers to questions, where appropriate, as opposed to merely giving them answers. 

Please also read our Email Reference Guidelines before submitting your question.

Email Reference Service Guidelines

  • The e-mail reference service is provided to help users become self-sufficient in their research endeavors.
  • The Library provides advice on research with suggestions of possible print or electronic resources, and search strategies.
  • Whenever possible, users will be referred to electronic resources that may provide them with the information requested.

Typical questions you may ask through the e-mail reference service are:

  • Where would I begin to look for information on a topic?
  • I have looked in all the usual places [indicate where you have looked], but where else might I look?
  • Does the Library have a specialist who could help me with this topic?

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Interpretations of information will not be given.
  • The Library does NOT perform information searches for users, create or check lists (e.g., bibliographies), or answer questions about medical or legal matters, or give medical or legal advice. We also do not answer questions about citation forms, look up statistics, or do class assignments.

Turn-Around Time

Your question will be forwarded to the e-mail reference coordinator in the Library. Program-related and subject-related inquiries will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.

The Library will try to respond within one weekday (24 hours), but response time may vary depending upon the nature of the inquiry.  Questions received during the weekend will be treated as received on Monday.