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Petition to Withdraw

Spring 2020 Deadline May 9, 2020

Student should include the filled out form and all of the appropriate parties on one email chain, ask for everyone to reply all and then submit the final email chain to Records at It is the student's responsibility to email Records.




Graduation Deadlines  
Declared Graduation Term Undergrad Degrees

Spring Semester

Preceding October 15
Summer Term Preceding February 1
Fall Semester Preceding March 1
Winter Intersession Preceding September 1

Application & Diploma fee $30

Late fee $25

Graduation Application Undergrad

Graduation Application Graduate


Graduation Term Update

Use this form to update the anticipated graduation term you originally submitted on your Graduation Application. Do not

submit another graduation application. Do not pay additional graduation application ($20) or diploma fees ($10). You will not

be eligible to enroll in terms beyond your anticipated graduation term until this form is processed. This form must be

accompanied by a $25 late submission fee.


Instructions for submission:

  • Submit filled and signed document to

  • send payment by either: (1) check to the Cashier's office or (2) online

Leave of Absence

Fall 2020 Deadline August 21, 2020

Students may petition for a leave of absence for such reasons as:

• Professional or academic opportunities, like travel or study abroad;

• Employment related to educational goals and major fields of study or participation in field study or research projects;

• Medical reasons, including pregnancy, major surgery, and other health-related circumstances; and

• Financial reasons, such as the necessity to work for a specified period to resume study with adequate resources.



Repeat Limit Exception Request

Use this form to request approval to repeat a course a second time (a third time taking the same course).


Grade Forgiveness Request

Use this form to select your options and record approvals when you take the same course more than once.




Credit by Examination: POLS 2000 Summary

Fall 2020 Deadline September 23, 2020

To find out how to register, email Veronica at Due to the COVID 19, we will be conducting this form online for Fall 2020.

Students looking to test out of the State and Local Government requirement. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions that must be completed within an hour and a half. Students must bring a scantron sheet (882-E) and a #2 pencil. Students who do not pass the test must take one of the following courses: POLS 1000, PAS 1100, POLS 3500, or CLS 1300. POLS 2000 Summary will give a more detailed instructions. 

The topics examined are covered in Larry N. Gerston and Terry ChristensenCalifornia Politics and Government: A Practical Approach, 14th Edition (Cengage, 2018), or a later edition. 

The book is on reserve in the University Library under POLS 2000, and may also be purchased at the University Bookstore or online in both hard copy and electronic formats at: For further preparation, students may wish to contact current instructors of POLS 1000 by e-mail to inquire about auditing the section of the course that deals with California politics. Do not enroll in POLS 1000, POLS 3500, CLS 1300, or PAS 1100.


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