Information for Current MA Students

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Current MA students should become well-acquainted with the Department's MA Student Guide, which is intended to answer all of your questions about the structure, procedures, and expectations of our MA program. New students should also fill out a Program Form/Degree Planner, and have it signed by Prof. Taylor Dark, MA Advisor, at the beginning of their first semester in the program. Our Road Map form is also helpful in planning your courses. Students who 

Students who began under the quarter system and are continuing under the semester system should read our MA Student Guide to Semester Conversion. The requirements for the MA program under the semester system are here.

Starting Spring Semester 2017, graduate students who have completed all required units in their degree program but who have not completed their thesis/project/dissertation will be required to enroll in the Graduate Continuous Enrollment course (UNIV 9000) through the College of Professional and Global Education. The purpose of this zero-unit (0) course is to allow graduate students to maintain continuous enrollment at Cal State LA, thereby retaining access to the University Library and other critical University services necessary to complete their degree. This flat-rate administrative processing fee will be charged each semester until students complete their culminating project. The Graduate Continuous Enrollment fee will be $350. Enrollment in UNIV 9000 provides students with limited access to some Cal State LA facilities and no access to student employment or student funding. To take UNIV 9000, MA students should obtain the MA Advisor's signature on the Graduate Continuous Enrollment Form.

In preparation for the Comprehensive Exam, students should closely review our MA Student Guide to the Comprehensive Exam, which contains detailed information about how to register for the exam and prepare effectively. 

Information on applying for graduation (a necessary step to receive your degree), is available from the University Graduation Office

For other questions, contact Prof. Taylor Dark, MA Advisor, at

MA students may wish to join the Political Science Department Facebook page