Alternate Logos & College Lockups


Sometimes, space restrictions may call for a logo in which all elements are contained within a single shape. Two such abbreviated logo options—the Shield and the Badge—are featured at right.

The Shield option adds the customized Cal State LA typography inside the shield while maintaining the skyline graphic. This option is available in two styles: full-color with a white background or black-and-white.

The Badge option keeps the typography, but removes the skyline. Because the skyline graphic includes so much detail, the Badge option is best for small applications in which shrinking the logo would result in a loss of image quality in the skyline. This option is available in three styles: full-color with a white background, full-color with a gold background, and black-and-white.

Both the Shield and Badge options are ideal for informal settings, such as flyers, mobile apps, swag, etc. It is unnecessary to pair either option with the customized Cal State LA typography, since it is already contained inside the shield.

If you are a staff or faculty member who creates communication materials for work, please contact the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to request the new logos, or join the Communications Community group in the myCalStateLA portal.





BRAND - shield logo - full color     BRAND - shield logo - one color black


BRAND - Badge logo - full color     Brand - Badge logo - one-color black



Special brand lockups have been designed for the academic colleges and certain university auxiliaries to be used in marketing and promotion. These lockups allow for distinctive identification while maintaining consistency of the overall University brand.

All requests for an alternate logo must be sent to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, which will create the new logo if approved.  These logos cannot be created by any other office. Offices that do not fall under colleges will receive a divisional lockup. For example, an office that falls under Administration and Finance, would receive a lockup that says "Administration & Finance." Note, divisional lockups feature the horizontal Hero Logo and not the gold Badge.

The same rules regarding color, clear space, size, and background of the primary logo pertain to alternate logos and college lockups as well.



Note that all instances of the word “and” in the logos are reflected by an ampersand in Futura Regular. Colleges may continue to use the word "and" in body copy.


Academic departments can be added to the college lockups by using Tisa Regular Italic.

Brand - College Lockup - department name

Do not use multiple college logos in a single layout. Instead, use one of the approved primary or alternate logos and list the names of the colleges involved in Futura Bold (with ampersands in Futura Regular).




Brand - college lockups