Colors & Typography


Color is one of the most important and easily recognized aspects of a university brand. Incorporating colors outside of this palette can confuse audiences and weaken our objectives for brand recognition.

The University's signature color scheme is Cal State LA Gold (Pantone 116) and Black.









Brand - primary colors - Cal State LA Gold

BRAND - colors - black


These colors are supported by a complementary color palette of Golden Eagle Gold, Dark Gray, Light Gray and White. The complementary color palette is intended for use as accent colors. These colors are not meant to be the lead colors on any communication pieces (except for White, which is the default color of many documents).













Brand - secondary colors - golden eagle gold

Brand - secondary colors - dark gray

Brand - secondary colors - light gray

Brand - secondary colors - white


Cal State LA has selected two typefaces for the University brand.


Futura is our primary headline font, meant to grab attention in small bits of text. Two line weights—Futura Bold and Futura Book/Regular—are allowed for Cal State LA brand usage.



Futura Bold should be used in all caps.




Tisa is our secondary font, for use in all body copy, sub-headlines, dates and addresses. Four line weights are allowed for Cal State LA brand usage: Tisa Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.

If you are a staff or faculty member who creates communication materials for work, please contact the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to request the new fonts.






Getting It Right

Neither of these fonts should be altered in look, shape, or appearance by stretching or distorting their proportions.















Brand - typography - futura



Brand - typography - tisa regular

Brand - typography - tisa bold