College Assessment Coordinators

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) for College Assessment Coordinators was established to facilitate assessment activities across Cal State LA's colleges.

The purposes of this FLC are to:

  • Use common assessment vocabulary
  • Discuss best practices in assessment at the course, program, and institutional levels
  • Examine program-level learning outcomes to determine whether they are clear, measureable, and aligned with Institutional Learning outcomes (ILOs)
  • Provide guidance for coordinators in how to support departments/programs in the development of assessment plans
  • Provide guidance for coordinators how to facilitate the preparation and submission of the Annual Assessment Reports by departments/programs in their College

After participating in this FLC, participants will be able to:

  • Use basic concepts and vocabulary (e.g., close the loop, triangulation) to plan and discuss the assessment of student learning and educational effectiveness
  • Describe and use common approaches to assessment (e.g., rubrics, program review) and describe their advantages, disadvantages, and appropriateness for specific purposes
  • Analyze, interpret, and communicate assessment data
  • Link assessment results to action plans to close the loop
  • Analyze department/program learning outcomes for their effectiveness
  • Design a sustainable assessment plan for departments/programs
  • Identify examples of course-level best practices to be nominated as speakers at the Annual Assessment Faire and to receive the Course Level Assessment Awards

College Assessment Coordinators (2017 - 2018)

Name Department College
Richard Dean Philosophy College of Arts are Letters
Jessica Dennis Psychology College of Natural and Social Sciences
Andre Ellis Geosciences and Environment College of Natural and Social Sciences
Dustin Garnet Art College of Arts and Letters
Anthony Hernandez Applied and Advanced Studies in Education Charter College of Education
Ya-Chih "Jilly" Chang Special Education and Counseling Charter College of Education
Ni Li Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Sachiko Matsunaga Modern Languages and Literatures College of Arts and Letters
Nicole Smolter Criminal Justice

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services

Laura Whitcomb Management College of Business and Economics