Guidelines for Campus Facility Reservation

Student Organizations must be in good standing and officially recognized by the University through the Center for Student Involvement.  Only designated members listed on the Officer Information Form will be allowed to make reservations. With the exception of the organization’s general membership meetings and walkway information tables, all event reservations require a completed Event Registration Form as provided by the Center for Student Involvement.

How to Request a Classroom on Campus


  • University classrooms can be requested for use by student clubs and organizations for weekly/bi-weekly meetings only.
  • Student organizations are allowed two series in a classroom per semester. 
  • The maximum meeting duration is two hours each.
  • Meetings must end by 9:00 pm and no meetings can be scheduled after 9:00 pm.
  • You must request at least three meetings on the same recurring day on the form.
  • If you’re not requesting a particular classroom, specify which building your organization would like to hold its meeting in.
  • Provide two choices for locations (even if it includes two buildings). 
  • Fill out a separate Weekly/Bi-Weekly Meeting Room Request Form for each series you’re requesting (e.g..  If you want to request every Tuesday and Thursday you must fill out two separate forms).
  • NO FOOD is allowed in any of the classrooms.
  • There is a minimum of 50 people for lecture halls.


  • Visit Information and Event Services (U-SU 1st floor) to pick up a Weekly /Bi-Weekly Meeting Room Request Form.
  • Indicate your classroom preference by noting the specific room you’d like to use or “any room in _____ building.” For example: KH 1234 or Any room in King Hall.
  • Once submitted, allow up to ten (10) business days for processing. This time is required because the request gets faxed over to the department that schedules classrooms for the campus and we have to await their response.
  • Information & Event Services will notify you via phone on the status of the request, after we receive it back from the scheduling office.
  • Reservation confirmations must be signed at U-SU Information and Event Services within two (2) business days of you being contacted. Requests not confirmed during this time frame will be cancelled. Keep a copy of your confirmation with you at all times during your meeting.

Special Rooms

To request a movement/dance room in PE 123 or PE 134, please note the following instructions:

  • Submit a copy of your completed Event Registration Form to Cheryl Sugiura in the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science in room PE 206 to inquire about availability.
  • Cheryl will contact your advisor to confirm their knowledge of the event/meetings and verify the details.
  • After obtaining an acknowledgement from your advisor and pending availability, she will submit a formal request for the room to the Scheduling Office.
  • She will contact you to notify you of the status of your request and/or issue a confirmation of the room assignment.
  • Please allow up to ten business days for this process.
  • Contact the College of Arts and Letters in MUS 228 to inquire about reserving the dance studios in King Hall.

The following is a list of available facilities throughout the campus.

Classrooms within the:

  • Biological Sciences Building
  • Electronic Classrooms
  • Engineering and Technology Building
  • King Hall
  • Physical Education Building
  • Salazar Hall
  • Simpson Tower

Additional Facilities include:

  • Golden Eagle Building
  • Student Affairs Building
  • Student Housing Complex
  • Luckman Fine Arts Complex
  • Arena Theatre (seats 99)
  • Music Hall (seats 200)
  • State Playhouse (seats 400)
  • Dance Studio (King Hall 5th floor)
  • Music Patio