2016 Strategic Planning Process

The 2015-2016 Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee is overseeing the strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning is the process of assessing what the institution wants and needs to do in order to advance its mission and goals. Cal State LA is engaged in a comprehensive and coordinated strategic planning effort that will involve many members of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, community representatives and friends of the institution.  The goal of this effort is to articulate a shared vision of Cal State LA's future and to make that vision a reality through the identification of key strategic priorities and specific outcomes tied to actionable plans.  

The strategic planning process involves evaluating existing and anticipated conditions and creating a vision of the future that is most beneficial for the institution.  Subsequently a set of actions, responsibilities and resources will be agreed upon to move the university in that direction while monitoring, assessing, and adjusting the action plan as needed in order to make the vision a reality. Progress toward our goals will be reviewed and revised annually.

Strategic Planning Approach:

Our objective is to make the strategic planning process collaborative, inclusive, and transparent. Our goal is that every voice has the opportunity to be heard. To that end, we will be hosting a series of interactive engagement workshops, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and other outreach efforts over the course of the strategic planning process. These opportunities will allow for input from a variety of stakeholders, including Cal State LA faculty, staff, students, alumni, community representatives, and friends. 

Strategic Planning Timeline:

The strategic planning process kicked off in January 2016. Workshops, focus groups, surveys, and other engagement opportunities will be conducted from February through April. Following an initial draft of the strategic plan, additional opportunities for input and feedback through a series of town hall conversations will take place before the strategic plan is finalized.

Strategic Plan Timeline