Lab Equipment

  1. AFM: Closed-loop atomic force microscope (Asylum Research MFP-3D-SA) for nano-manipulation and in-situ imaging in liquid for an extended period of time.
  2. Biosafety Cabinet/Incubator: A CO2 cell incubator (Fisher Scientific) and a biosafety cabinet (Labconcor) for mammalian cell culturing and manipulation.
    Biosafety Cabinet / Incubator
  3. Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter (Jasco Model 815) for protein secondary structure measurements and protein aggregation studies.
    Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter - Jasco Model 815
  4. Dynamic light scattering spectrometer: A dynamic light scattering instrument (Malvern Zetasizer Nano Series) for measuring sizes and charges of proteins, protein aggregates, and colloidal particles.
    Dynamic light scattering spectrometer
  5. Fluorescence spectrometer (Flurolog 3 from Horiba): The instrument is capable of measuring both steady-state fluorescence spectra and fluorescence lifetime.
    Fluorescence spectrometer
  6. Gas absorption instrument (QuantumChrome). This is an instrument for measuring surface areas of nanomaterials.
    Gas absorption instrument
  7. HPLC-MS: This is a high-resolution electrospray mass spectrometer (Thermo-Nicolet Exactive equipped with an Orbitrap) coupled with an HPLC (Accela) and a photodiode array detector.
  8. HPLC-UV and Fluorescence: A Shimadzu analytical and semi-preparative HPLC system equipped with a fluorescence detector and a photodiode array detector.
    HPLC-UV and Fluorescence
  9. Biacore X Surface Plasmon Resonance for manual injections of samples for binding analysis. 
    Biacore X Surface Plasmon Resonance
  10. Laser puller: (Sutter P2000): for pulling glass pipets of various diameters and tapered lengths.
    Laser puller
  11. Microscope interfaced with FT-IR and FT-Raman: A Thermo-Nicolet 6700 FT-IR that is also connected to an FT-Raman spectrometer and an inverted microscope equipped with an ATR (attenuated total reflection) objective.
    Microscope interfaced with FT-IR and FT-Raman
  12. Microtiter plate reader: A plate reader (Tecan Technology) with tunable wavelengths for cytotoxicity assays.
    Microtiter plate reader
  13. A microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer (Biotage): semi-automatic synthesizer for high-yield peptide synthesis.
    microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer
  14. Stop-flow spectrometer (KinTek): equipped with a fluorescence and a UV-visible detector for fast homogenous kinetic reactions.
    Stop-flow spectrometer
  15. Surface plasmon resonance (Biosensing Instrument): a manual, dual-channel system for biomolecular interaction studies.
    Surface Plasmon Resonance (Biosensing Instrument)
  16. Thin film coater: Denton Vacuum Desktop Model for depositing metal films such as Au and Ag onto various substrates.
    Thin film coater
  17. UV-visible spectrometer: A Cary 300 dual-channel UV-visible spectrometer (Varian) equipped with a temperature controller and multi-cuvette-holder for enzyme kinetics studies. 
    UV-visible spectrometer