Spring 2018 Group Meetings: Fridays @ 3PM, ASCB 265 


Date Researh Group Topics
1/19/18 Dr. Liu, Remarks and Discussions
1/26/18 Alba (Prospectus Practice)
2/2/18 Edgar Shirell
2/9/18 Sub-divison meeting with Dr. Liu
2/16/18 Chinese New Year (no group meeting)
2/23/18 Alba (Seminar Practice and Prospectus II)
3/2/18 Shaanti (Prospectus Practice)
3/9/18 Roberto (Prospectus Practice); Phillip
3/16/18 Jesse (Prospectus Practice)
3/23/18 Yash Sergio
3/30/18 Spring Break (no group meeting)
4/6/18 Sub-division meetings with Dr. Liu 
4/13/18 Brandon Edward
4/20/18 Tim Yessica
4/27/18 Josh Jose
5/4/18 Katherine Joyce
5/11/18 Sub-division meetings with Dr. Liu

Research: Progress made in your research since your last research presentation. Presenations are expected to be 10-30 min. 

Group Topics: Select 3 papers in our field (ideally in your area of research) and present what new discoveries the papers made, what you learned and how you will incorporate that into your research. Presentations are expected to be 15-20 min.