Current Members

Katherine Nelms

Katherine Nelms
My name is Katherine Nelms, and I am a sophomore Early Entrance Program student (or EEPster) majoring in mechanical engineering; I plan on going on to earn a graduate degree after graduating from CSULA and then pursuing a career in materials science and engineering. By doing so, I hope to learn more about how different materials work at the molecular level, as well as their applications. In the meantime, I enjoy bullet journaling, baking, and reading murder mysteries and historical fiction. 




Katherine Nelms

Yash Dara
My name is Yash Dara and I am a fourth year undergraduate student at CSULA pursuing my B.S. in Biochemistry. Upon graduation, I plan on pursuing my education further and use the knowledge and experience that I will gain to pursue a career in the medical field. Aside from my academics, I enjoy reading various works of fiction, producing music, and playing basketball. 



Dao PhanDao Phan
My name is Dao Hong Phan. I am majoring in Chemistry, with the passion to learn and develop medications to cure illness. 


Pavithra Wijeratne

My name is Pavithra Wijeratne, and I am a senior at California State University, Los Angeles, majoring in Chemistry. I am passionate about nanoscience and metal-organic frameworks. Upon graduation, I plan to devote my graduate work in developing nanoscale materials that have great potential to be used in various chemical industries. I am a professionally trained Kathak dancer and Badminton player. I also enjoy travelling, cooking and playing guitar.



Jesse Duque
My name is Jesse Duque and I am currently a graduating senior at CSULA. Upon graduation I plan on completing a Master's Degree of Science in Inorganic Chemistry at CSULA under the advisement of Dr. Liu, continuing the synthesis and characterization of various MOFs as well as investigating the luminescent properties of new MOFs using time-dependent computational methods for my thesis prospectus. Aside from doing chemistry, I enjoy playing video games, chess, piano, guitar, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. 



Talor Maroney
My name is Taylor Maroney, I am majoring in chemistry, and graduating this May. I will have completed a minor in Forensic Science and Biology and a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. I am hoping to complete a Master's Degree in Criminalistics and pursue a career as a Toxicologist for the FBI. I am enjoying researching metal-organic frameworks and their role in detoxifying nerve agents. I hope I will be able to apply this research to my future career.