Current Members

Graduate Students:


Jesse Duque
My name is Jesse Duque and I am currently a graduate student completing a Master's Degree of Science in Inorganic Chemistry under the advisement of Dr. Liu, continuing the synthesis and characterization of various MOFs as well as investigating the luminescent properties of new MOFs using time-dependent computational methods for my thesis prospectus. Aside from doing chemistry, I enjoy playing video games, chess, piano, guitar, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. 




Shaanti Trikha






Roberto Tovar




Undergraduate Students:

Katherine Nelms

My name is Katherine Nelms, and I am a Junior chemistry student; I plan on going on to earn a graduate degree in chemical engineering after graduating from CSULA and then pursuing a career in materials science and engineering. By doing so, I hope to learn more about how different materials work at the molecular level, as well as their applications. In the meantime, I enjoy bullet journaling, baking, and reading murder mysteries and historical fiction. 

Brandon Liu
My name is Brandon, and I am a senior Biochemistry undergraduate minoring in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. I am fascinated by the medical applications of chemistry, which is why I hope to continue to an MD–PhD dual–degree program and eventually professions in research. In this research lab, I enjoy working on two projects, focusing on drug delivery and singlet oxygen generation. Both of these projects investigate interesting medical applications of MOFs, and I look forward to continuing my research this year.
Shirell Klein
My name is Shirell Klein and I am a junior at CSULA majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Studio Art. After I complete my B.S., I plan on earning a graduate degree in synthetic chemistry. I am currently working on the drug delivery project in Dr. Liu's lab using MOF's as nano carriers for cancer medication. 

Sergio Iglesias
My name is Sergio and I am a senior chemistry student at Cal State LA. I joined Dr. Liu's research group this past summer and will be working on the Solar Cell project this academic year. My next academic goal would be to go into a graduate program and participating in Dr. Liu's lab can help me achieve that.