Shake Table

Shake Table for Seismic Simulation and Vibration Testing


The College of ECST at Cal State LA has acquired a shake table for seismic simulation of building components/systems and other dynamic testing. Installation is ongoing. The table will be available for testing during the 2017-2018 academic year.


  • Capable of applying independent inputs in two orthogonal directions.
  • Typical maximum payload is 1 ton with accelerations in excess of 2.0 g.
  • Peak velocity is 40+ in./sec.
  • The stroke capability is 8.5 in. to 9 in. depending on articulation.
  • Shake table platform measures 5ft. x 5 ft.
  • Each actuator has a capacity of 11 kips.
  • Manufactured by Shore Western Manufacturing.
  • Funding agency: National Science Foundation (MRI 1531582).

Use of the equipment

We welcome research collaborations with universities and other interested people. User fees and policies are in development. Please contact Professor Rodriguez-Nikl for inquiries regarding use of the shake table.

Line drawing of reaction structure and shake table