Elaine Kang

Portrait Picture
College of Engeering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science
Office Location: ET A316
Phone: 323-343-4513 Email: eykang@exchange.calstatela.edu



  • CS1010
  • CS4555
  • CS201/202 Java Programming
  • CS332/332F/332L Programming Language Paradigm (Prolog and Haskell)
  • CS350/450 Computer Graphics
  • CS451 Multimedia Software Systems
  • CS454/594 3D Game Programming
  • CS454/594 Multiplayer Online Game Programming
  • CS460 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS461 Machine Learning
  • CS491A Software Design Lab
  • CS560 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision


  • Areas of Interest: Computer Vision, Image/Video processing, Image/Video Compression, Computer Graphics and Image-based Modeling & Rendering, Computer Game Programming