Liberal Studies


BA Liberal Studies

1.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of the basic focus, goals, and approaches of the Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Humanities, including Cultural Studies and American studies.
2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to do detailed descriptions of cultural sites, cultural performances, practices, and arts in the multi-cultural and multi/inter-ethnic landscape of Los Angeles through descriptive qualitative methods.
3.  Students will demonstrate their ability to read, critically analyze, and apply advanced theories of culture to disciplinary knowledge production in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.
4.  Students will demonstrate mastery of the modes of critical analysis proper to the humanities and fine arts as applied to a variety of different texts such as films, television shows, historical essays, novels, news reports, and archival materials. 
5.  Students will demonstrate understanding of difficult critical arguments as they are constructed through diverse disciplinary formations.
6.  Students will construct and demonstrate the nature of critical arguments, how they are structured and what position they take in relation to the subject matter. 
7. All students will complete a senior thesis: an extended well researched, critically written, coherent, and well developed piece of original scholarship.