Common Management System (CMS) Organization Chart

The CMS Leadership Team is comprised of executives, managers and staff representing various administrative areas of the campus:

CMS Leadership Team


Program Directors:

Tosha Pham, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services

James Bersig, Director of Academic Technology, Academic Affairs

Project Director:

Michael Lee, Director of Enterprise Applications, Information Technology Services

Administration and Finance:

Lisa Chavez, Vice President and CFO, Administration and Finance

Thomas Leung, University Controller, Administration and Finance

Administrative Technology:

Karen Melick, Director, Administrative Technology

Michael O'Neal-Petterson, ITC, Administrative Technology

Agnes Chan, CMS Specialist, Administrative Technology

Brandon Tran, ITC, Administrative Technology

Nick Santoianni, ITC, Administrative Technology

Susan Cortez, ITC, Administrative Technology


Vince Lopez, Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Tammie Leung, Associate Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Alma Franquez, Lead Systems Specialist, Admissions and Recruitment

Anna Maria Montes, Admissions Analyst, Admissions and Recruitment

Financial Aid:

Tamie Nguyen, Director, Financial Aid

Jonathan Choy, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Nataly De La Pena, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Ruth Ramirez, Financial Aid Technician, Financial Aid

Human Resources Management:

Susie Varela, Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management

Deborah Williams, Manager, Compensation and Benefits

Information Technology Services:

Sheryl Okuno, Director, IT Security, Compliance and Training

Alex Harwood, Director, IT Client Support Services

Eric Her, Manager, Database Technology, Enterprise Applications

Greg Gligoriu, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

John Hodgkinson, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Viet Hoang, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Carol Huang, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Broni Kaganovich, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Suzanna Melik-Israelian, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

David Ng, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Jerry Wong, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Wayne Wright, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Michael Zhu, Analyst/Programmer, Enterprise Applications

Institutional Research:

Mark Pavelchak, Director, Institutional Research

Michelle Dunbar, Associate Director,Institutional Research

Jen Chen, Institutional Research

Yusuke Kuroki, Institutional Research

Wendy Xiong, Institutional Research

Office of the Registrar:

Christopher Cobb, Registrar

Lai Leung, Scheduling Coordinator, Registrar's Office

Student Financial Services:

Ronnie Wills, Director, Student Financial Services
Joan Lopez, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services