Selecting a Graduate Program

As you explore graduate schools and programs, please remember that continuing your education not only requires a significant time commitment, but a financial commitment as well. Below are some tips and suggestions on how to select the right program for you.


1. Begin by researching programs and institutions that match your interests and needs. Are you open to schools outside of California? Outside of the U.S.? Take detailed notes on admission requirements, tuition costs, program highlights, notable faculty, and more. ​


2. Meet with Cal State LA faculty, such as departmental graduate advisors, to discuss your educational and career goals. 

3. Meet with the Career Development Center to explore career pathways and level of education needed to achieve your career goals.

4. Reach out to faculty at the institutions you have researched and ask thoughtful questions.

5. Once you have narrowed down your top choice(s), determine cost of attendance, if applicable. Does the institution offer scholarships? Grants? Paid teaching assistant positions?

6. If needed, meet with NISFeP to discuss off-campus or external funding options.


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