Board of Directors


Emilio Campos' headshot.Emilio Campos (’83)




Dwight Nakata's headshot

Dwight Nakata (’81)
Past President 




Donna Zero's headshot.

Dr. Donna Zero (’76)
Vice President




Melvin Brewster's headshot.

Melvin Brewster (’03) 




Bertha Haro's headshot.

Bertha Haro (’01, ’10) 




Dr. Raul Cardoza's headshot.

Dr. Raul Cardoza (’67, ’73) 
Director at Large




Marlene Carney's headshot.Marlene Carney (’76) 
Director at Large




Catherine Catherine's headshot.Catherine Catherine (’00), CPA
Director at Large




Marisela Cervantes' headshot.Marisela Cervantes (’00)
Director at Large




Edgar Garcia-Mora's headshot.

Edgar Garcia-Mora (’09)
Alumni Networks Representative 





Mark Goodman '93

Director at Large






Kathy Leal '16

Director at Large








Andres Molina's headshot.

Andrés Molina (’13)
Director at Large




Martin Nava's headshot.Martin Nava (’08)
Director at Large




Lisa Ng's headshot.Lisa Ng (’92)
Director at Large




Anthony Ortiz Luis' headshot.Anthony Ortiz-Luis (’05) 
Director at Large




Dr. Lourdes Ramirez-Ortiz's headshot.Dr. Lourdes Ramirez-Ortiz (’96, ’00, ’17)
Director at Large




Alan Romero's headshot.Alan J. Romero (’03)
Director at Large




John Wong's headshot.John Wong (’05)
Director at Large




Ex. Officio Members

Janet Dial's headshot.Dr. Janet S. Dial
Vice President for University Advancement and
Executive Director of the Cal State LA Foundation




Maria Ubago's headshot.Maria Ubago (’98, ’06)
Executive Director for Alumni Relations




Aaron Castaneda

President for Cal State LA Associated Students, Inc.