Senate and Committee Minutes

Academic Senate and Committee Minutes

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

These committee minutes are published as PDF files and require a PDF reader.

Academic Senate Minutes
Next Meeting:

Chair: Veena Prabhu, x3-3750
Recording Secretary: Rhonda Roquemore, x3-3750

Meeting Date Minutes
September 26, 2017 ASM17-04
September 12, 2017 ASM17-03
August 29, 2017 ASM17-02
May 9, 2017 ASM17-01



Educational Policy Committee
Chair: Paula Arvedson, x3-4358
Executive Secretary: Michelle Hawley, x3-3830
Recording Secretary: Cheryl Pugh, x3-3830

Meeting Date Minutes
October 11, 2017 EPC17-06
September 27, 2017 EPC17-05
September 20, 2017 EPC17-04
September 13, 2017 EPC17-03
September 6, 2017 EPC17-02
August 30, 2017 EPC17-01



Faculty Policy Committee
Chair: Sharon Ulanoff, x3-6273
Executive Secretary: Michael Caldwell, x3-3810

Recording Secretary: Violeta Salcido, x3814

Meeting Date Minutes
October 9, 2017 FPC17-06
October 2, 2017 FPC17-05
September 25, 2017 FPC17-04
September 18, 2017 FPC17-03
September 11, 2017 FPC17-02
August 28, 2017 FPC17-01



Fiscal Policy Committee
Chair: Jamil Momand, x3-2361
Executive Secretary: Laila Asgari, x3-3802
Recording Secretary: Annsha Harrison, x3-3802

Meeting Date Minutes
September 14, 2017 FiPC17-01



Student Policy Committee
Chair:  Mitchell Fryling, x3-4419
Executive Secretary: Nancy Wada-McKee, x3-3100
Recording Secretary: Rosa Chavez, x3-3100

Meeting Date Minutes
September 19, 2017 SPC17-02
September 5, 2017 SPC17-01