The Communication major at Cal State LA offers opportunities for a comprehensive study of human communication as it pertains to the dynamics of individual, social, and civic life.  We offer an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication, with options to concentrate in Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication and Public Relations, Social Change and Rhetoric, or Performance Studies.  The undergraduate program is designed to meet the needs of students who plan to join the workforce and those who intend to pursue graduate education.  It offers a variety of courses that focus on the  rhetorical, cultural, relational, political, organizational, performative, and aesthetic dimensions of human interaction.

Students in the undergraduate program have the opportunity to participate in our nationally recognized Forensic Squad, join clubs, and engage in a number of communication-centered activities.  Students may also join the campus chapters of Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies, which are open to qualified students in all academic disciplines.  Additionally, there are numerous scholarships and internship opportunities available to students who meet the established criteria.

We also offer a Minor in Communication for students who wish to gain experience and skills to enhance their major program of study.

We also offer a graduate program leading to a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Communication Studies.  The graduate program combines coursework from both rhetorical and communication theory traditions.  It focuses on a wide range of areas in the study of human interaction, employing empirical, interpretive, and critical methods of investigation.  Moreover, the program provides necessary skills and training in critical thinking and problem solving as well as research and writing techniques.  These can be applied to both academic and professional contexts and career fields specific to the students’ goals, objectives, and interests.