Past Fellows

Our 2014-2015 Faculty Fellows:

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Pablo Baler is a fiction writer, cultural critic, and Associate Professor of Latin-American Literature at California State University, Los Angeles. Baler is the author of the two national-award-winning novels Circa (Ed. Galerna, 1999) and the essay on neobaroque aesthetics Los Sentidos de la distorsión (Ed. Corregidor, 2009). In addition, Baler is the editor of and contributor to The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-First Century (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013); his latest collection of short stories, La burocracia mandarina, was published by Lumme Editor in San Paulo, Brazil (2013).  His ACP project explores how current practices in “bio-art” and “post-human performance” are threatening the divide between “art” and “reality” in a way that undermines previous critical paradigms dealing with the concept of representation as well as the relationship between art and ethics. From the perspective provided by this shiftfrom representation to instantiation, his research contends that ethics itself is becoming a field of resistance, experimentation and subversion, thus in more general terms his research explores how this new aesthetic paradigm is testing the limits of the allegedly invariable categories of ethics, body, personhood, as well as life and death.

Pablo Baler

Dr. Cheryl Koos is Professor of History at CSULA. Dr. Koos received her Ph.D. in French History from the University of Southern California.  Her scholarly work has focused primarily on the intersection of gender, sexuality, the family, pronatalism, and right-wing politics in early twentieth-century France.  Her ACP project, “The Reproductive Imperative and the Transnational Right: The Gendered Politics of Sexuality and Power,” connects this localized historical analysis of the gendered politics of population, the family, and right-wing political discourse and policy to late 20th and 21st century transnational manifestations of similar biopolitical constructions and applications of radically reactionary constructions of citizenship and the nation-state as predicated on men’s and women’s sexuality, reproductive capabilities, and performance of such.  While this contemporary transnational analysis will focus on right-wing political discourse and policies concerning abortion, birth control, LGBT rights, and marriage equality in the United States, it will contextualize contemporary American reproductive and sexual politics within concurrent political developments in Europe (with a focus on France and Russia), and Africa (Uganda and Nigeria). 

Cheryl Koos

Dr. Paola Marin is Associate Professor of Modern Languages at CSULA, and co-editor of KARPA Journal (dissident theatricalities, visual arts, and culture). She has published various articles on theater, performance art, and literature in academic journals and volumes in the U.S., England, Colombia, and Mexico. Her book on the interweavings between theater and theology on Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was published in 2006 by University of Minnesota/Ediciones Clásicas (Madrid, Spain).  Dr. Marin’s project deals with Violeta Luna, a Latina artist whose performance pieces explore the disjunctions and contradictions of biopower as related to neocolonialism, subaltern ethnicities, and biodiversity.  Through this artist's work she will explore performance art as a way to humanize and make present before the audience larger and vulnerable collective bodies, in order to expose the implications of political and cultural biopower.  

Paola Marin


Past ACP Faculty Fellows:
( * indicates a Dr. Joseph A. Bailey II, M.D. Fellow)


Dr. Benjamin Bateman, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Christopher Endy*, Professor of History
Dr. Alejandra Marchevsky, Professor of Liberal Studies and WGSS

Dr. Sara Pugach*, Assistant Professor of History
Dr. Bidhan Roy, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Aaron Sonnenschein, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Choi Chatterjee, Professor of History
Dr. Maria Karafilis, Professor of English
Dr. Molly Talcott, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Dr. Mark Wild*, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Rob DeChaine, Associate Professor, Department of Liberal Studies
Dr. Kate Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Dr. Talia Bettcher, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Dr. Patrick Sharp, Associate Professor, Department of Liberal Studies
Dr. Michael Willard*, Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Studies

Dr. Manuel Aguilar, Professor, Department of Art
Dr. Beth Baker-Cristales*, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Dr. Andrew Knighton, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dr. Marilyn Elkins*, Professor, Department of English
Dr. Maria Karafilis (deferred), Associate Professor, Department of English
Dr. Suzanne Regan, Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Hema Chari, Professor, Department of English
Dr. Robert Dechaine, Associate Professor, Department of Liberal Studies
Dr. Alejandra Marchevsky*, Associate Professor, Department of Liberal Studies

Dr. John Kennedy, Associate Professor, Department of Music
Dr. Micol Seigel*, Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Studies
Dr. Michael Willard, Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Studies

Dr. Michelle Hawley, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Dr. San San Kwan, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater Arts and Dance
Dr. Lauri Ramey*, Associate Professor, Department of English

Dr. Bryant Alexander*, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Dr. Lena Chao, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Dr. Maria Karafilis, Assistant Professor, Department of English


Some Scholarly Work Funded by ACP Fellowships:

Below please find a list of some of the publications, presentations, and installations we've been able to support.

Manuel Aguilar, "Walls of Passion; The Murals of Los Angeles," a photo-documentary exhibit installed at the Art Gallery, CSULA and the Mexican Consulate, Los Angeles, CA, 2009.

Bryant Alexander, “Placement and Displacement of Black Identity:  The Case of Migration across Borders from Campus to Community.” In B. K. Alexander. Performing Black Masculinity: Race, Culture, and Queer Identity. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, 2006: 33-67.

Beth Baker-Cristales, “Structuring Race: Black and Brown in Los Angeles,” invited Presidential Session, American Anthropological Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA, December 2009. 

Benjamin Bateman, co-editor and introduction author (with Elizabeth Adan, Cal Poly – SLO), “Precarity and Lateral Aesthetics,” special issue of Minnesota Review: A Journal of Critical and Creative Writing, Duke University Press, forthcoming Fall 2015; Co-organizer (with Andrew Lyndon Knighton), "Emergent Precarities: A Symposium," February 21, 2014, CSULA.

Hema Chari, “Transnational Identities: In/Excluding Nation and Self,” the American Literature Association, San Francisco, CA, May 2008.

Choi Chatterjee,  "Lady in Red: Bolshevik Feminism in the American Imagination, 1917-1939," Invited talk at the Oldenbourg Center, Pomona College, CA, 3 November 2011.; "American Communist Women and their Soviet Experience," at Women and Men in the Context of Historical Change, Tver University, Russia, 4-7 October, 2012; "American Communist Women and their Soviet Experience," invited talk at the conference, "Back to the USSR," CSU Fullerton, December 2012; Choi Chatterjee, Steven Marks and Steve Sabol, eds., The Wider Arc of Revolution (Slavica Publishers, Forthcoming 2017). See more at

Rob DeChaine, ed. Border Rhetorics: Charting Enactments of Citizenship and Identity on the U.S.-Mexico Frontier. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P. [Forthcoming, 2012]; Bordering the Civic Imaginary: Alienization, Fence Logic, and the Minuteman Civil Defense CorpsQuarterly Journal of Speech 95 (2009): 43-65; Imagined Immunities. In Interdisciplinarity and Social Justice, eds. M. Romero, J. Parker & R. Samantrai.  Forthcoming from SUNY Press. 

Jazmin Delgado, CSULA graduate student, Department of English and ACP Research Assistant, "A Machine for Reading (in): Discipline and Modularity in Postwar American Public Library Architecture," Conscripted Subjects: Disciplined Society, Critique, and the Humanities; UCLA Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference, February 24th and 25th, 2011.

Marilyn Elkins, (With Cynthia Caywood and Carlton Floyd).   Introduction and editing.  “August Wilson,” College Literature 36.2 [Spring 2009], iv-xv. 1-171.   An edition devoted to the work of August Wilson, the volume is a refereed publication.

Maria Karafilis, “The Jewish Ghetto in Mary Antin and her Contemporaries,” American Literary Realism, Winter 2010 (42)2: 129-150; “The Traumatic Sublime and American Democracy.” American Studies Association, Washington DC, November 2005; “Trauma, Race, and the Unassimilated.” American Studies Association, Hartford, CT, October 2003.

Andrew Lyndon Knighton, "Hollywood Panoramatics: Nathanael West's Baroque Modernity." Literature Interpretation Theory 21:3 (July-September 2010), pp. 145-162; "Speaking Volumes:  The Utopian Syntax of American Postwar Public Library Architecture,” presented at Libraries in the History of Print Culture, Center for the History of Print Culture, Madison, WI (Sept 2010); "Modernity, The City, and Liquidity:  Henry Blake Fuller’s ‘Seething Floods,’” presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, New Orleans, (April 2010).

Alejandra Marchevsky (with Beth Baker), "Why Has President Obama Deported More Immigrants than Any President in US History?" The Nation (March 31, 2014); (With Jeanne Theoharis) "America's Brown Sites: Connecting the Domestic War on Terror and Immigration Detention." Forthcoming Roundtable at the Annual American Studies Association Meeting, Los Angeles, November 2014; (With Beth Baker), "Freedom's Movement: Spatial Regulation of Immigrants and Resistance by Undocumented Youth." Presented at Annual International Meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, Chicago, May 2014.

Lauri Ramey, “Border Crossing with the Slave Songs.” In Slave Songs and the Birth of African American Poetry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008); L. Ramey, editor, The Heritage Series of Black Poetry, 1962-1975: A Research Compendium (Ashgate, 2008).

Bidhan Roy, “That Other Ocean’: Buddhist Modernism and Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man” In Lawrence Normand and Alison Winch (Eds.) Encountering Buddhism (New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2013)​.

Patrick Sharp, "Science, Gender, Colonialism, and Science Fiction." Department of Ethnic Studies. University of California, Riverside: April 22, 2011; "New Worlds: Science, Colonialism, and Science Fiction." East Los Angeles College Chemistry and Biology Club. East Los Angeles College: February 16, 2011; "Amazonian Flowers: Gender, Science, and Fiction in the Early Twentieth Century." American Studies Association Conference. San Antonio: November 19, 2010; "Racial Hygiene, Sexual Selection, and Science Fiction before the Golden Age." Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Conference. Indianapolis: October 30, 2010; "The Amazon's Conquer Sexual Selection: Gillmore's Angel Island." Science Fiction Research Association Conference. Carefree, AZ: June 24, 2010.

Mark Wild.  "Religion and the Urban Civic Landscape: The Case of the Los Angeles County Committee for Church and Community Cooperation," submitted for collection (title TBA), eds. Richard Flory and Diane Winston.