Changes, New Faces, and People in New Places

Changes, New Faces, and People in New Places

Ruth R. Wu (Emerita Professor of Nursing), who has rececently
retired as Dean of CSLA's School of Health and Human Services,
was honored at a retirement dinner at the La Canada-Flintridge
Country Club in October.

Wu joined the Department of Nursing faculty in 1971. She was
department chair from 1972 to 1982, after which she served asssociate
dean and then acting dean of the School of Fine and Applied Arts.
Wu was the first female, as well as the first Asian, to serve
as a school dean on campus.

During her administration as dean, the Edward R. Roybal Institute
for Applied Gerontology, the Institute for the Study of Child
Maltreatment and Family Violence, the Institute for Criminal Justice
Studies and credit certificate programs in Youth Agency Administration,
Environmental Health, Parent Education, and Social Services were
established. She also was instrumental in the preliminary development
of master's degree programs in Social Work and Public Health.
Wu's contributions as a leader in nursing education have also
been recognized nationally.

An endowed scholarship is being established in her name and will
be awarded to a student in the School of Health and Human Services.
For information, call (323) 343-4600.

Donald O. Dewey (Dean, Natural and Social Sciences and
Professor of History) has announced his plan to retire September
1, 1996. In 1962, Dewey arrived at Cal State L.A. - then Los Angeles
State College of Applied Arts and Sciences - as an assistant professor
of history. He served for 14 years as Dean of the School of Letters
and Sciences before becoming Dean of Natural and Social Sciences.
He was elected to the statewide Academic Senate and served from
1971 to 1977. In 1976, he received the University's Outstanding
Professor Award.

Dewey has published widely, including ten books, and many articles
and reviews, most of which are on U.S. constitutional history.
He has been a journalist and newspaper editor.

Having served on the faculty for nearly 34 years, 26 as dean,
Dewey has a legacy of involvement that may never be equaled. He
will be the victim of a farewell roast on campus, May 18, 1996.
For information, call the School of Natural and Social Sciences
at (323) 343-2008.

Dean Dewey notes that, "armed" for his retirement party,
he has been accumulating anecdotes about Cal State L.A.which he
plans to expand for publication during the University's 50th anniversary
year (1997). He asks all former and current students, faculty
and staff to submit their favorite memories of CSLA - "especially
those that are humorous, poignant and ironic" - to the School
of Natural and Social Sciences (fax (323) 343-2011). Dewey says
he "will accept anonymous stories only if they are too good
to resist."

Alice Watkins, Associate Dean for Student Services, Cal
State L.A. Charter School of Education, was honored at a retirement
dinner in October. Watkins joined the faculty in 1969 and was
associate dean from 1986 to May, 1995. She was chair of the Division
of Special Education for five years, providing leadership for
the graduate degree programs, most notably the CSLA/UCLA joint
Ph.D. program. During the early '70s she assumed a major role
in the development of CSLA's Learning Handicapped and Severely
Handicapped specialist credential programs, and authored the "generic
core" that continues to be a prerequisite of all specialist
programs at the University. During 25 years in higher education,
she forged strong bonds between the University and Los Angeles
area public school communities.

Douglas A. Davis was appointed to the post of University
Librarian on August 1, 1995. For the past 20 years Davis was affiliated
with the CSU Northridge Library and was central to the planning
and implementation of various library automation projects. He
was associate dean of the CSUN University Library from 1989-91,
acting dean from 1991-92, and held other CSUN Library positions.
Before that, he was affilliated with the Harvard College Library.
He has worked closely with the CSU Chancellor's Office, and chaired
both the CSU Southern California Mutual Library Use Network and
the CSU OLPAC Committee Circulation Task Group. He was also the
systemwide coordinator for "Transforming CSU Libraries for
the 21st Century; A Strategic Plan of the CSU Council of Library

Donald P. Zingale was named to the position of Dean, School
of Health and Human Services, effective September 1, 1995. Zingale
was affiliated with CSU Sacramento (CSUS) for 20 years. From 1993
to August 1995, he was CSUS Associate Vice President for Research
and Graduate Studies and before that, Associate Vice President
and Associate Dean of the School of Health and Human Services.

Zingale has taught at CSUS, Ohio State University, City University
of New York, and other campuses and is a licensed clinical social
worker, marriage, family and child counselor, health and physical
education instructor and certified alpine ski instructor. He is
a frequent lecturer and has appeared on numerous local and regional
radio, television and cable programs in the Sacramento area.

Manuel R. Miranda has been appointed to the Edward R.
Roybal Endowed Chair of Gerontology. As a faculty member of the
Roybal Institute for Applied Gerontology and the School of Health
and Human Services, he will help develop courses on the politics
and economics of aging, offer seminars for upper division and
graduate students and develop collaborative programs with local
educational institutions and service agencies.

Since 1989, he has been Assistant Director for Interdisciplinary
Research at the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes
of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Before
that, he was staff director of the House of Representatives Select
Committee on Aging and a professor in UCLA's School of Social
Welfare. Miranda has published widely and has been a major consultant
for various local, state and federal programs.