G. Patricia Mann, '51 B.A., is currently a caregiver for the elderly.
She has been a social worker for 21 years.

David L. Jacobsohn, '52 B.A. '57 M.A. Education, retired from
Cal State L.A. in 1983 as Professor Emeritus of Health and Safety
Studies. He has been teaching part time for Central Michigan University
for the past 8 years.

Maurice Krasnow, '52 B.A., '54 M.A. Sociology, is the author of
It's Never Too Late to Have a Future: Adding Life to the Later
Years. Through candid and touching interviews and insights into
his own enlightenment, his book shows that seniors are society's
most valuable asset.

Cleo C. Latimer, '53 B.A. Education, is retired and lives in Downey.

David E. Snyder, Jr., '54 B.S. Engineering, retired in January
1993 after 39 years in aerospace. He was with McDonnell- Douglas
as senior director/program manager for 36 years.

John Diaz, '55 B.S. Business Administration-Accounting, was featured
last spring on Making It: Minority Success Stories, a television
program airing weekly on KTLA. He retired in 1990 from his own
successful tax consulting business.

John Dalis, '56 B.S. Business Administration-Management, retired
in December 1993 after 37 years at CalTrans.

Frank M. Witman, '56 B.A. English, is chairman of the board of
the United Methodist Federal Credit Union.

Sidney Brickmann, '57 M.A. Education, is a contract hearing officer
for the Los Angeles Department of Housing. He is a retired school
district administrator who most recently served as elementary
region superintendent for the Harbor Area.

Darwyn H. Lumley, '57 B.A. '67 M.A. American Studies, retired
last August after 38 years of service in education.

Karl Koski, '58 B.S. Business Administration, '65 M.A., was honorary
grand marshal for the 51st annual Camellia Festival parade last
year. He served as city manager of Temple City for 25 years before
his retirement in 1990.

Ken Steele, '58 B.S. Engineering, '73 M.A. Political Science,
was promoted to the position of CalTrans District 7 Director.
He was the director of two other Caltrans districts (6 and 8)
before being named to the top post in District 7.

Sterling Williams, '58 B.A., '75 M.A. Education, is the assistant
principal at John Muir High School in Pasadena. He served as acting
principal for six months last year.

Russell R. Bradford, '59 B.S. Police Science, is the co-author
of Introduction to Handwriting Examination and Identification,
a book that provides investigators the fundamentals of handwriting
examination. He has been working at Bradford Document Examinations
in San Pedro for 23 years.

Nida Brinkis, '59 B.S. Chemistry, is a family law attorney who
is considering entering the race for a judicial seat in the Citrus
Municipal Court.

Thomas T. Samaras, '59 B.S. Engineering, is the author of The
Truth About Your Height
, a book on how human stature affects
our performance, health, and environment.