Liberal Studies (323) 343-4100

D. Robert DeChaine

Associate Professor of Liberal Studies; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

Contact: (323) 343-4199


Dr. DeChaine is an author of more than a dozen scholarly articles and book chapters, and most recently, a book entitled Global Humanitarianism: NGOs and the Crafting of Community, on Lexington Books (in press). He is an expert in rhetorical and argumentation studies; cultural studies; social movement politics; new media and its sociocultural impacts; globalization and “anti-globalization” resistance movements; theories of democracy and citizenship; and music and popular culture.

Alejandra Marchevsky

Associate Professor of Liberal Studies; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Contact: (323) 343-5810


Alejandra Marchevsky’s interdisciplinary research spans the fields of globalization and immigration studies, with an emphasis on gendered labor and citizenship; U.S. cities, welfare, and poverty; and Latina/o communities and cultural politics in the greater Los Angeles area. She is coauthoring a book on Latina immigrants and welfare reform (NYU Press). Her ongoing projects include an ethnographic study of Latina immigrant entrepreneurs, flexible labor, and global capitalism. She is codirector of the University’s Rockefeller Humanities Fellowship Residency Program.

Patrick B. Sharp

Associate Professor of Liberal Studies; Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Contact: (323) 343-5811


Dr. Sharp is an expert on nuclear apocalypse narratives, evolutionary narratives, and science fiction. He has taught courses in the following areas: cultural studies; race and nationality; popular culture; and science and gender. He is currently working on a book, entitled The Nuclear Frontier: Darwinism, Race, and Nuclear Apocalypse Narrative in American Culture.