Information Systems (323) 343-2983

David Gadish

Assistant Professor of Information Systems; Ph.D., University of Guelph, Canada

Contact: (323) 343-2924


Dr. Gadish specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for federal, state and local governments (including homeland security), telecommunications and utility companies, as well as for the banking and finance sectors. Dr. Gadish also specializes in high-tech business management, leadership and information technology project management.

Fluent in: Hebrew, Russian, Arabic.

Ronald Lemos

Professor of Information Systems; B.S., Cal State L.A.; Ph.D., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-2800


Dr. Lemos has published articles and presented papers on a wide range of topics including: computing, management, teacher education, and diversity in education. Specific topics of expertise include the following: leadership skills, economics education in K-12, pre-college preparation for K-12 students, career goals and college, business and higher education linkages, business school curriculum standards, overview of the information systems field, computer literacy, importance of oral and written communication skills in business, and diversity issues in higher education and in business. Dr. Lemos previously held positions as dean of the School of Business and Economics at Cal State L.A., dean of the School of Management at CSU Dominguez Hills and assistant vice chancellor for Academic Affairs for the multi-campus CSU system.

Adam Reed

Associate Professor of Information Systems; Ph.D., University of Oregon

Contact: (323) 343-2985


Dr. Reed’s areas of expertise include Unix, Linux, and data communication technologies (intellectual history and patents, system design, security administration); programming languages; productivity and accessibility of information systems; and intelligent user interfaces. Dr. Reed worked at Bell Laboratories, 1981-1999. He holds three U.S. Patents, and is an experienced expert witness in U.S. and foreign patent litigation.

Fluent in: French, Polish, Hebrew, Arabic.

Paul Rosenthal

Professor of Information Systems; D.B.A., USC

Contact: (323) 343-2923


Dr. Rosenthal’s areas of expertise include information systems planning, business resumption planning and evaluation of outsourcing alternatives. Prior to joining the Cal State L.A. faculty, he spent more than 30 years as a consultant for such firms as Computer Science Corporation and Coopers & Lybrand. Recent consulting projects include preparing a strategic infrastructure plan, preparation of a guide to outsourcing, security assessment of a network of data centers, evaluation of in-house loan servicing and organization of an IS organization in transition to packaged applications.

Ludwig Slusky

Professor of Information Systems; Ph.D., Academy of Civil Engineering, CISSP

Contact: (323) 343-2922


Ludwig Slusky is an expert in Information Security, HIPAA, process improvement approach using Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI), databases, and distance education methods and techniques. Dr. Slusky has extensive practical experience working and later consulting for various corporations and non-government organizations NGO (such as Eurasia Foundation, Citizen Development Corps) in the USA and abroad. He is a Fulbright professor, published two books on practical applications for database design (1988, 1991), and co-authored chapters and articles on information security, CASE, expert systems, online Java training, integration issues, and others.

Fluent in: Russian

Jongwook Woo

Assistant Professor of Information Systems; Ph.D., USC

Contact: (323) 343-2916


Dr. Woo is an expert in e-business and m-commerce architecture; parallel and distributed computing; bioinformatics; network communications on IPv6; and programming language: Java, C++, .NET, and XML (VoiceXML, WML).

Fluent in: Korean.