Criminal Justice and Criminalistics (323) 343-4610

Deborah R. Baskin

Professor of Criminal Justice; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Contact: (323) 343-4619


Dr. Baskin is an expert on gender and crime. One of her research projects was funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse to examine women in crime, drug markets and the community context. Other research areas include mental health needs of women in the criminal justice system. She has been recognized with an outstanding teacher award from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has also co-published a book, with Ira Sommers, entitled Casualties of Community Disorder.

Fluent in: Spanish.

Lisa Graziano

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics; Ph.D.

Contact: (323) 343-6230


Dr. Granizio is an expert on community policing; police-community interaction; information technology and public safety.

Denise Herz

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice;

Ph.D., University of Maryland-College Park

Contact: (323) 343-4624


Dr. Herz is an expert on applied research, particularly building partnerships between research and practice in areas of juvenile justice. Her interest also includes the following areas: substance abuse, mental health, crime and justice system policy, and crossover youth (i.e., maltreated youth who engage in delinquency).

Donald James Johnson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics; M.Sc., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-4620


Professor Johnson is an expert on criminalistics, with emphasis on crime scene investigation and reconstruction (homicides and sexual assaults), and forensic biology. His research interests include the application of new technologies to the field of criminalistics. He was formerly a senior criminalist at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he was involved in the scientific investigation of violent crimes.

Karen C. Kalmbach

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics; Ph.D., Sam Houston State University

Contact: (323) 343-6231


Dr. Kalmbach is a forensic clinical psychologist with research interests in mental health policy and practice; ethical and legal issues in forensic arenas; juvenile offenders; and offender re-entry.

Joseph Peterson

Professor and Director of the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics; D.Crim., University of California, Berkeley

Contact: (323) 343-4613


Dr. Peterson is an expert on the use and misuse of science within the criminal justice system. He has studied the effects of scientific evidence on the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases and the resource needs of forensic crime laboratories. He is an expert on laboratory proficiency testing and other means to assess the quality of crime laboratory results. He has also studied the ethical conflicts faced by forensic scientists operating in the legal system and the special demands placed on expert witnesses operating in courts of law.

Katherine Roberts

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; M.Sc., University of Strathclyde, Scotland; M.Phil., City University of New York

Contact: (323) 343-4625


Professor Roberts is an expert on criminalistics-DNA analysis, serology, trace evidence analysis, and forensic microscopy. She is currently the director of the graduate criminalistics program at CSULA.

Fluent in: Welsh.

Bill Sanders

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Ph.D., University of London

Contact: (323) 343-4646


Dr. Sanders’ current principal research interest is in promoting a public health agenda towards gang youth in Los Angeles. He has received funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to examine substance use, violence, unsafe sexual behaviors and HIV-risk among gang youth. He has approximately 25 publications, including journal articles, books and book chapters, in the areas of substance use, drug selling, drugs and crime, homelessness, juvenile offenders, qualitative research methods, and gangs. His book, Youth Crime and Youth Culture in the Inner City (2005, Routledge), was presented the 2006 Scholar’s Choice Award by the Society for the Study of Social Problems.

Ira Sommers

Professor of Criminal Justice; DSW, University of Pennsylvania

Contact: (323) 343-3424


Dr. Sommers is an expert on women and crime and forensic mental health. He also has extensive experience in program evaluation of violence and substance abuse programs. He has published 40 journal publications and co-published a book, with Deborah Baskin, entitled Casualties of Community Disorder. He is a recipient of CSULA’s 2000-2001 Outstanding Professor Award.