Biological Sciences (323) 343-2050

Roger R. Bowers
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Contact: (323) 343-2071

Dr. Bowers’ principal areas of research include developmental cell biology, cell ultrastructure and histology. He has considerable expertise in dermatology (in particular, pigmentation) and electron microscopy, and has conducted research on a type of fibrosis in the lung. Dr. Bowers received Cal State L.A.’s Outstanding Professor Award for 1985-86.

Robert A. Desharnais
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
Contact: (323) 343-2056
E-mail: or

Dr. Desharnais is an expert in population ecology and population genetics. His research involves a combination of mathematical modeling, computer simulation and laboratory experiments involving flour beetles. Recently, his research has focused on questions involving chaos theory, results of which have been published in such journals as Nature and Science. He is also active in the application of technology to the teaching of science and is the author of a leading Web resource for teaching genetics, called Virtual FlyLab.

Margaret Jefferson
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of Arizona

Contact: (323) 343-2059

Human genetics and the Human Genome Project are Dr. Jefferson’s areas of expertise. She is the coordinator of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) undergraduate program and the LSAMP-Bridge to the Doctorate (LSAMP-BD) graduate program at Cal State L.A. Dr. Jefferson received Cal State L.A.’s 1986-87 Outstanding Professor Award.

Patrick Krug
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Ph.D., UCSD (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Contact: (323) 343-2076

Dr. Krug is an expert in marine biology, chemical communication, and evolution and wetland ecology.

Philip S. LaPolt
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., UCLA
Contact: (323) 343-2018

Dr. LaPolt is an expert on reproductive biology, endocrinology, reproductive aging and infertility. Dr. LaPolt received a Cal State L.A. Outstanding Professor Award in 2005-06.

Nancy McQueen
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., UCLA School of Medicine

Contact: (323) 343-2036

Dr. McQueen is an expert on medical microbiology, pathogenic bacteriology, hematology and virology. She has done research on the study of intracellular and surface transport of membrane proteins using the envelope proteins of Sendai virus as a model system. She was the recipient of an Outstanding Professor Award at Cal State L.A. in 1997. She is a licensed clinical laboratory scientist in the state of California, and is an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Paul Narguizian
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences; Ed.D., University of Southern California

Contact: (323) 343-2054

Dr. Narguizian’s expertise is in K-12 science instruction, curriculum development and design issues associated with science education. His research and publication interests in evolution education, organisms of the California Channel Islands and Galapagos Islands, the nature, philosophy and history of science to science instruction, science literacy issues, informal science learning in museums and natural field settings, and models for the assessment of science learning.

Fluent in: Armenian.

Hyunsook Park
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Ewha Women’s University, Korea

Contact: (323) 343-2060

Dr. Park is an expert on microbiology, mycology, and microbial pathgoenesis, with special interest in the virulence mechanism of pathogenic fungi. She has published several research articles focusing on the virulence mechanisms of pathogenic fungus in major scientific journals.

Fluent in: Korean.

Betsy Peitz
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Contact: (323) 343-2086

Dr. Peitz has written numerous articles on reproduction and fertility for such publications as American Zoologist, Physiological Zoology, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, Journal of Reproductive Immunology, International Journal of Fertility and the Journal of Experimental Zoology. She received Cal State L.A.’s Outstanding Professor Award for 1988-89.

Edith Porter
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences;
M.D., Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

Contact: (323) 343-6353

Dr. Porter teaches in the area general and medical microbiology and immunology. Her research is focused on innate immunity or first line of host defense on mucosal surfaces with particular interest in the gastrointestinal, genital and respiratory tract, and diseases associated with these sites, namely inflammatory bowel disease, Salmonellosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and cystic fibrosis. The ultimate goal is to find new therapeutic approaches for these diseases and novel antibiotics. Dr. Porter has coauthored over 30 peer-reviewed articles.

Fluent in: German (Also speaks some French and Hungarian).

Carlos Robles
Professor of Biology; Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Contact: (323) 343-2067 or (323) 343-5799

Dr. Robles is an intertidal community ecologist. He teaches classes in ecology and marine-related courses and is currently studying how spiny lobsters, Cancer crabs and sea stars determine the distribution of mussel beds and algae at several coastal locations from Southern California to Canada. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Ecological Society of America and the Western Society of Naturalists. He is director of Cal State L.A.’s Center for Environmental Analysis (CEA-CREST).

Amelia Russo-Neustadt
Associate Professor of Biology; M.D./Ph.D., UC Irvine

Contact: (323) 343-2074

Dr. Russo-Neustadt is an expert in neuroscience, neuropharmacology, psychiatry, and developmental neurobiology research. She received a major individual medical research (R01) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to study how exercise may enhance the response to antidepressant treatments. She is an associate member of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Tina Salmassi
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Caltech

Contact: (323) 343-2065

Dr. Salmassi is an expert in environmental microbiology and microbial ecology.

Fluent in: Armenian, some Farsi.

Sandra Sharp
Associate Professor of Biology; Ph.D., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-2072

Dr. Sharp is an expert in genetic engineering and molecular biology. She has received numerous awards including a NIH/NRSA postdoctoral fellowship.