Special note for the Vision Impaired

Special note for the Vision Impaired

In order to increase the readability of Cal State L.A.'s web page,
you can enlarge the fonts on the screen or change the color of
the fonts through your Netscape or other browsers.

1. Go to "Options" tool and select "General Preferences".

2. Go to the "Fonts" category; click the "Choose
Fonts" button.

3. "Choose Base Font" screen should
pop up; select the font size and the font style you like, then
press the "ok" button.

4. To change the color of the fonts on your screen, go to the
"Colors" category under "General Preferences"

5. Click the "Choose Color" button and change the colors
for general text and linked text.

6. Press the "ok" button and the colors you selected
should appear on your screen.

If you need further assistance, the Cal State L.A. Office for Students with
Disabilities, at Student Affairs, room 115 or (323) 343-3140, provides
services designed to make the educational and social experiences
of students with disabilities as similar as possible to those
of students without disabilities. All students with verified permanent
disabilities are offered appropriate disability- related services.