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Nov 15, 2014

Cal State L.A. vs. Hope International (exhibition game)

Nov 17, 2014

Get ready to play The Prize is Right with CSI. Get involved, get informed and get connected for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Nov 17, 2014

Take a trip down memory lane and explore Chicana/o Latina/o communities, as writers, storytellers, and photographers share their contributions to this historic anthology about the cars, music, and history that have shaped Chicana/o history in L.A. and beyond.

Nov 18, 2014

Presenter: Career Development Center

Learn how to best develop your résumé as a graduate student, and find out more about the curriculum vitae (CV).


Nov 18, 2014

Where are all the Asian American CEOs? Asian Pacific Islanders still face an obstacle from advancing in their careers called the “bamboo ceiling,” which is a barrier to leadership because of common stereotypes. Join the Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center as we hear from a panel of prominent Asian Pacific Islander individuals in positions of power who have broken the “bamboo ceiling.” Learn about their experiences, struggles, success, career path, and how they got where they are today.

Nov 19, 2014

Presenter: Counseling and Psychological Services

Just in time for the end-of-quarter blues, come learn a few tips for beating stress and taking care of yourself when the going gets tough.



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